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We meet every week at the Windrush Leisure Centre in Witney:

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Windrush Leisure Centre

On Tuesday’s, we meet in reception at 6.55pm.  The Tuesday runs are known as Effort Sessions and are designed to increase stamina and speed.  The sessions are shorter and involve interval training such as short sprints and/or hills at various locations in and around Witney.

On Thursdays, we meet in the bar at 6.55pm. There are four different routes available usually ranging from 3-10 miles in and around the Witney area. There will always be someone to welcome members and a more established member of the Club to run on the shorter route.   On arrival at the Centre, members choose their routes and group together.  Afterwards we meet in the bar for a drink and a chat which is a great opportunity to get to know everyone.

During the summer month’s runs include sections of footpath, bridleway and other off-road traffic free routes.  In the winter months, runs follow well lit roads for safety reason.

During the summer on five Thursdays the Club participates in the Motavation series.  These races are relatively short road races of about 4 miles and take place in various locations throughout Oxfordshire.  All the local Clubs participate and the events are well supported, attracting in the region of 300 runners at each race.


If you are under 16 years of age and would like details for our Junior Road Runners, please contact: –

Mike Miles


If you would like to contact our website administrator: –

Ian Fowler


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