Complete eight races during the race calendar year, BUT only four to count in each half of calendar year,  SO you can do more races and disregard your lower scores………….
Up to 8 races will count towards your championship total points BUT only up to 4 races in either half of the calendar year.
If you exceed 4 qualifying races in either or both half-years, you will still benefit by being able to “discard” your weaker scores from that half where excess races completed
Points will run from 25 for first roadrunner (M and F), down to 1 point minimum (multiple runners will get one point if more than 25 roadrunners score ).
Race calendar year runs 1st January  to 19th June and 20th June to 31st October.
Complete six races to be eligible for prizes……if no-one else  has completed eight races in your age category.
All league races will adhere to the rules of the EA association
All league races will fall under the auspices of England Athletics and their rules of competition
Memento to all league finishers who complete eight races, not decided what yet.
Only paid-up, WRR first claim members are eligible to score points
You must wear the Witney RR club vest/ t-shirt
Overall male and female winners will not be eligible for age category prizes.
i.e The Mens’ overall veteran winner cannot also win his age group V40, V50 or V60
Times and positions from official race results will always be used.  Where applicable this will be chip times rather than  gun times.
The Championship co-ordinator may substitute races in the event of cancellations, date changes, date clashes etc
It is the runners’ responsibility to check dates & enter races in good time. No
concessions will be made if entry limits prevent anyone running.
Order of tie-break:
The combined total best points obtained by the person up to and including the next three best scores in league races will be used, i.e a total of 11 races.
Athlete A: 8 races 200 points, then has another 4 races completed scoring 16,12,10, 9………….discard 9, so has 38 points + 200 = 238
Athlete B: 8 races 200 points, then has another 3 races completed scoring 22,18,10……..so has 50 points (with no discard) + 200 = 250
Athlete C: 8 races 200 points, then has another 2 races complete scoring 24,21….so has 45 points (has not completed a 3rd race) + 200 = 245
Athlete D: 8 races 200 points, then has another 1 race complete scoring 25….so has 25 points (has not completed a 2rd or 3 rd race) + 200 = 225
Athlete E: 8 races 200 points, no further races = 200 points
So they would finish
1ST = B
2nd = C
3rd = A
4th = D
5th = E
Any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me, leagues@witneyroadrunners.co.uk