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Do you have any favourite races however big or small that you think other WRR members should know about?  

  1. I’ll start this one then….New Forest 10 on July 14 – highly recommended. I still vividly remember chasing Andy Church for 10 miles!

  2. Burnham Beeches Half Marathon 2013.
    I arrive on a perfect morning for running. It’s rained overnight and the ground is wet, there’s no wind and pleasantly warm. As I line up to start I wonder where all my club mates are, as the only Witney Roadrunner present I start to think “what do they know that I don’t?”.
    BANG! we’re off. Around the sports field and straight into a vertical climb. It’s only 15ft up a grass bank but it feels like a mountain. I stagger over the top already blowing hard.
    Out the school gates and onto the beautiful tree lined country lanes, at which point the humidity under the tree canopy hits you like a wet sponge.
    The route undulates as promised in the entry details, until mile 5. Where you get the first proper hill, then the next at 5 1/2, then again at mile 6. Then it returns to beautiful wooded country lanes where you get your breath back and settle back into the race, only to remember it’s a 2 lap course. With the hills returning at mile 11, 11 1/2, and 12.
    Back onto the school grounds, stumble down the vertical grass bank and a final lap of the sports field, over the finish line and RELAX. 25 League points in the bag.
    Time for a coffee and a large piece of cake.
    One of the nicest Half Marathons I have ever done.

    Graham Ferris.

  3. Pewsey Half 2013.

    We were given 3 pieces of information by a Mr Church about the event before we entered.
    1. It’s a slightly undulating course.
    2. They sell the best homemade cakes of any race.
    3. Buy your cake when you get there to avoid disappointment later.
    Only 2 of these facts are true.
    On arrival I have a look at the course map and race information, my eyes are drawn to the words “Big hill at mile 4”.
    Ok, I can live with 1 hill, you expect at least 1 in a Half Marathon.
    With my cake safely squirreled away in my bag, the 6 Witney Roadrunners there head for the start line.
    What Mr Church and the race organisers failed to mention are the 4 hills before you get to the big one at mile 4. After which it settles into the ‘gentle undulations’ as promised, until mile 12 and the 1 mile of uphill.

    Mr Miles followed a rather unorthodox race plan.
    He set off ahead of Heather, only to re-pass her at mile 4, having had to take a splash and dash pit stop. He over took her again at mile 7 having to take a much more urgent pit stop in someone’s house, where the owner kept him chatting about running. After which he ran the fastest 6 miles he’s ran in years. At some point around the course he also rubbed a nipple and finished with blood all down his shirt. All this resulted in his fastest Half Marathon this year.
    I went back along the course about ½ a mile to give support to the other runners. Andy and Heather joined me once they had finished to run in with Hannah West, we were expecting a volley of swearing from her about the hills, but she was strangely quiet. Andy’s going to suffer at some point.

    A very good race on mainly country lanes, resulting in,
    course bests for,
    Andy Church.
    Heather Smith.

    Season Best for,
    Chris Miles.
    Graham Ferris

    P.B for,
    Paul Rushby by 4 mins.

    On the way there and back you pass through the village of OARE. I do hope that’s where all the Wiltshire farmers are from.

    Graham Ferris.

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