Results 2017


Sunday 17th September


Results taken from DB Max, people entered as witney road runners


Name Time Chip Time
Matthew LOCK 1:06:39.6 1:06:38.0
Joel FLOYD 1:10:29.0 1:10:19.8
Lindsey SMITH 1:11:44.5 1:11:40.3
Tom STANDARD 1:13:05.5 1:12:53.2
Lee-Ann PENALUNA 1:24:49.3 1:24:40.7
Melanie CASSIDY 1:26:07.7 1:25:59.4
Martin CRABB 1:27:20.6 1:26:55.2
Paul BOWDEN 1:37:31.0 1:37:14.8
Jim WHELAN 1:55:34.4 1:55:25.8


Saturday 16th September

Banbury Parkrun

Trevor JENNINGS              00:25:56

Oxford Parkrun

Sam UPTON                      00:18:41
Fraser HOWARD               00:18:52
Matthew LOCK                  00:21:44
Sally HOWARD                 00:21:49
Dan WYMER                     00:21:53
David BRACKSTON            00:21:54
Simon WELCH                  00:22:51
Simon RHODES                00:23:30
Harriet HOWARD              00:24:00
Louise RHODES                00:24:46
Emily HOWARD                00:29:06
Ian FOWLER                     00:30:44
Tamsyn WYMER                00:46:43

Cannon Hill Parkrun, Birmingham

Ohemaa POWELL               00:21:06

Sunday 10th September

Littlehampton 10km

Sam Upton                       34:48           PB

Carterton Sprint Distance Triathlon

Simon Covell                    1:05:19
Graham Le Good               1:11:11
Jessica Wright                  1:32:17
Judith Le Good                 1:32:26

Great North Run (Half Marathon)

Jacqui Gamage                 2:18:12
Debbie Marshall                2:44:00        PB

Chippenham Half Marathon

A cool overcast morning for the1500 + runners. A very gently undulating course that lends itself to fast times. Superbly organised and staffed by some of the most friendly marshalls I’ve seen in a long time. Also a fantastic goody bag. Well worth the money and the journey.

Tony Lock                        1:23:50                 3rd V50
Will Downey                     1:29:54
Adam Leary                      1:35:03
Paul Ainslie                      1:35:05
Rachel Stanley-Evans        1:38:47
Aukje Raats                      1:46:45
Nicola Fullerton                1:55:48        PB
Vicki Hopkins                             1:57:43        PB
Regina Lally                     2:05:48
Sharon Christie                 2:12:15

Cotswold Lake 62 Olympic Distance Triathlon

Richard Redford                2:29:40       

Pangbourne 10km

Matthew Lock                   41:26

Saturday 9th September

Oxford Parkrun

Fraser Howard                  19:03
Graham Le Good               21:23
Sally Howard                    21:49
Simon Welch                    22:55
Harriet Howard                 24:22
Lee-Ann Penaluna             24:24
Judith Le Good                 28:01
Ian Fowler                       31:48

Banbury Parkrun

Trevor Jennings                25:26           3rd VM65               PB

Cannon Hill, Birmingham Parkrun

Ohemaa Powell                 22:03           PB     730+ runners!

Bevendean Down Parkrun

Sam Upton                       19:19           1st Overall

Inter Counties Track Meeting

2000m Steeplechase

Matthew Lock         7:12.3                   PB by 15 sec

Monday 4th September

Big Dog Running Labour Day Classic 10K

Tony Burkett        41.15 pb    1st Vet 50 male

Sunday 3rd September

John Fraser 10mile

Rachel Stanley-Evans        1:17:18

Reading Sprint Triathlon

Graham Le Good               1:22:23

Saturday 2nd September

Parkrun Kudos this week goes to Will & Lucy who ran from Cumnor (9m) then ran back.

Oxford Parkrun

Will Downey                     19:44
Graham Le Good               21:05
Sally Howard                    21:55
Simon Welch                    22:40           PB
Lucy Harris                       23:51
Judith Le Good                 26:55
Ian Fowler                       31:08
Luka Clarke                      33:01           PB
Toby Clarke                      33:01

Banbury Parkrun

Trevor Jennings                25:52           2nd VM65

Cannon Hill, Birmingham Parkrun

Ohemaa Powell                 22:43

Aberystwyth Parkrun

Lucy Garrod                     21:59

Harcourt Hill Parkrun

Harriet-Rose Noons           28:07

Bedford Half Marathon

Sam Upton                       1:16:27


Thursday 31st August


 The last race for the 2017 season.  Very well done to Sam Upton who finished overall 3rd SM for the series.

Pos Race No Fav Name Time Net Time Category Cat Pos Gender Gen Pos Club TOD
15 190   Samuel UPTON 00:22:22 00:22:22 SM 8 Male 15 Witney Roadrunners 19:22:12
48 340   Fraser HOWARD 00:24:21 00:24:19 VM40 15 Male 47 Witney Roadrunners 19:24:11
60 518   Graham FERRIS 00:24:57 00:24:55 VM50 9 Male 59 Witney Roadrunners 19:24:47
64 115   James CLARK 00:25:28 00:25:23 SM 30 Male 62 Witney Roadrunners 19:25:18
79 119   William DOWNEY 00:26:06 00:26:03 SM 33 Male 75 Witney Roadrunners 19:25:56
94 413   Toby Clarke 00:26:49 00:26:45 VM40 24 Male 87 Witney Roadrunners 19:26:39
98 553   Nick MOGLIA 00:26:54 00:26:49 VM50 17 Male 89 Witney Roadrunners 19:26:44
100 352   Dave MAY 00:26:57 00:26:52 VM40 26 Male 91 Witney Roadrunners 19:26:47
105 527   Robert GREEN 00:27:07 00:27:00 VM50 18 Male 95 Witney Roadrunners 19:26:57
111 867   Lindsey SMITH 00:27:22 00:27:17 VL35 5 Female 12 Witney Roadrunners 19:27:12
116 629   Graham LE GOOD 00:27:37 00:27:30 VM60 8 Male 102 Witney Roadrunners 19:27:27
121 180   Tom STANDARD 00:27:45 00:27:40 SM 41 Male 105 Witney Roadrunners 19:27:35
126 511   Andy CHURCH 00:28:04 00:27:58 VM50 20 Male 110 Witney Roadrunners 19:27:54
133 200   Dan WYMER 00:28:17 00:28:11 SM 45 Male 113 Witney Roadrunners 19:28:07
146 833   Sally HOWARD 00:28:53 00:28:46 VL35 11 Female 25 Witney Roadrunners 19:28:43
164 985   Lucy Harris 00:29:31 00:29:19 VL45 5 Female 31 Witney Roadrunners 19:29:21
167 526   Darren GRAYSON 00:29:39 00:29:22 VM50 32 Male 134 Witney Roadrunners 19:29:29
171 732   Victoria MUNDAY 00:29:54 00:29:43 SL 11 Female 34 Witney Roadrunners 19:29:44
176 371   Richard REDFORD 00:30:03 00:29:47 VM40 43 Male 140 Witney Roadrunners 19:29:53
195 372   Simon RHODES 00:30:51 00:30:38 VM40 46 Male 147 Witney Roadrunners 19:30:41
198 344   Jamie JONES 00:30:56 00:30:43 VM40 47 Male 150 Witney Roadrunners 19:30:46
199 876   Jessica WRIGHT 00:30:58 00:30:49 VL35 20 Female 49 Witney Roadrunners 19:30:48
200 765   Abi Adams 00:31:02 00:30:49 SL 15 Female 50 Witney Roadrunners 19:30:52
204 938   Lisa HOLLAND 00:31:15 00:31:02 VL45 10 Female 51 Witney Roadrunners 19:31:05
205 738   Lee-ann PENALUNA 00:31:17 00:31:09 SL 16 Female 52 Witney Roadrunners 19:31:07
221 964   Louise RHODES 00:32:11 00:32:01 VL45 14 Female 59 Witney Roadrunners 19:32:01
224 353   Nick MORLEY 00:32:26 00:32:13 VM40 49 Male 164 Witney Roadrunners 19:32:16
229 966   Anne ROUGET 00:32:59 00:32:51 VL45 16 Female 63 Witney Roadrunners 19:32:49
237 805   Bridgid BRIENS 00:33:11 00:32:59 VL35 22 Female 67 Witney Roadrunners 19:33:01
244 631   John McCORMAC 00:33:41 00:33:29 VM60 21 Male 175 Witney Roadrunners 19:33:31
245 35   Judith LE GOOD 00:33:46 00:33:33 VL55 5 Female 70 Witney Roadrunners 19:33:36
251 736   Harriet-Rose NOONS 00:34:12 00:34:04 SL 21 Female 75 Witney Roadrunners 19:34:02
260 633   Keith MORGAN 00:34:38 00:34:26 VM60 25 Male 181 Witney Roadrunners 19:34:28
262 917   Sharon CHRISTIE 00:34:42 00:34:29 VL45 23 Female 80 Witney Roadrunners 19:34:32
277 557   Colin MORRIS 00:35:41 00:35:27 VM50 47 Male 185 Witney Roadrunners 19:35:31
281 572   Paul RUSHBY 00:36:04 00:35:50 VM50 48 Male 187 Witney Roadrunners 19:35:54
289 840   Regina LALLY 00:37:00 00:36:46 VL35 31 Female 97 Witney Roadrunners 19:36:50
309 50   Hannah WEST 00:39:27 00:39:13 VL55 12 Female 109 Witney Roadrunners 19:39:17

Sunday 27th August

Ellesmere 10km

Sally Mackie            58:32

Headington 5 mile

Pos RaceNo GunTime ChipTime Name Club/Team M/F Cat
86 325 00:34:33 00:34:13 Floyd, Joel Witney Road Runners M SM
97 175 00:34:59 00:34:50 Ainslie, Paul Witney Road Runners M VM50
100 226 00:35:07 00:34:46 Le Good, Graham Witney Road Runners M VM60
107 122 00:35:19 00:34:57 Smith, Lindsey Witney Road Runners F VL35
130 9 00:36:42 00:36:20 Miles, Christopher Witney Road Runners M SM
136= 106 00:37:03 00:36:45 Munday, Victoria Witney Road Runners F SL
147 118 00:37:30 00:36:36 Standard, Tom Witney Road Runners M SM
162 278 00:38:16 00:37:57 Parsons, Alice Witney Road Runners F SL
232 112 00:42:02 00:41:08 Burkett, Tony Witney Road Runners M VM50
234= 79 00:42:09 00:41:22 Fullerton, Nicola Witney Road Runners F VL35
241 104 00:42:31 00:41:59 Jennings, Trevor Witney Road Runners M VM60
265= 107 00:43:48 00:43:01 Burkett, Darlene Witney Road Runners F VL55
265= 227 00:43:48 00:43:02 Le Good, Judith Witney Road Runners F VL55
293 173 00:45:49 00:45:03 Christie, Sharon Witney Road Runners F VL45
343 15 00:50:15 00:49:11 Fowler, Ian Witney Road Runners M VM50
347 326 00:50:45 00:50:12 Floyd, Rebecca Witney Road Runners F VL35

Saturday 26th August

Oxford Parkrun

Will Downey           20:07
Craig Gibbon          20:35
Kevin Hennessy       21:04
Graham Le Good     21:49
Simon Welch           22:53           PB
Lucy Harris             23:49
Abi Adams              24:49           1st timer
Darlene Burkett       26:51
Ian Fowler              31:08

Abingdon Parkrun

Dave May               19:59           PB
Victoria Munday      23:05


Fraser Howard        20:25
Harriet Howard       23:45
Sally Howard          24:28
Emily Howard         30:59

Saturday 19th August

San Francisco, Crissy Field Parkrun

Nick Morley            22:31
Cathy Morley          27:24

Oxford Parkrun

Matthew Lock         19:13
Simon Covell          19:24
Fraser Howard        19:32          
Dan Wymer            21:53
Sally Howard          22:34
Simon Welch           23:27
Harriet Howard       25:44
Ian Fowler              30:42
Tamsyn Wymer        36:19

Reading Parkrun

Billy Rendell            21:19

Abingdon Parkrun

Dave May               20:49

Harcourt Hill Parkrun

Anna Whitham        27:19

Tooting Common Parkrun– flat and with 500+ runners, rather congested!

Graham Le Good     21:25
Judith Le Good       26:36

Tuesday  15th August

Alchester 5K

Tony Lock             18:15
James Clark          18:57
Matt Lock              19:58
Craig Gibbin         20:09
Lindsey Smith      20:44 PB
Victoria Munday  21:41

Sunday 13th August

Salisbury Trail Marathon

Extra mile as wrongly sent on Ultra course! Great course, scenic, varied terrain with      mountains of sweets and cake at check points!

Rachel Stanley-Evans        4:22:50

Burnham Beeches Half Marathon

Simon Rhodes                  1:52:03

Standish Woodland Chase
A low key trail race an hour away organised by runners for runners. HQ was a open barn at the foot of the hills, very scenic. So the gun went and it was 1.64 miles until we hit a flat piece of running!! This was followed by two laps through undulating woods with stunning views if you had time to look around. Three water stops and well marshalled throughout, and then a fabulous downhill finish …..this was a race where you could not really pace but just had to go with what you had and enjoy. The course was about 9.5 miles and all this for £8……..
          Graham Ferris         1.09.22        2nd V50…….that was 22secs behind the first V50
          Andy Church           1.18.06       
          Heather Smith        1.29.18       

Cotswold 113 Triathlon (Half Ironman – 1.2m swim, 56m bike, 13.1m run)

Simon Covell 4:40:07        (32:25, 2:32:30, 1:30:42)
Sam Upton   4:54:32        (40:01, 2:46:42, 1:22:39)

Saturday 12th August

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Will Downey                     20:38
Graham Le Good               21:29
Simon Welch                    23:20
Judith Le Good                 27:02
Tamsyn Wymer                 32:05
Dan Wymer                      32:06
Darlene Burkett                32:12

Abingdon Parkrun 5km

Lindsey Smith                   21:33
Victoria Munday                31:00

Preston Park, Brighton Parkrun 5km

Sam Upton                       21:22

Penrhyn Parkrun 5km

Trevor Jennings                27:07

Harcourt Hill Parkrun 5km

Richard Redford                22:31
Harriet-Rose Noons           26:44

Bexley Park Parkrun 5km

Davina Miller                    27:40

Sunday 6th August

Hooky  6

Matthew Lock 00:36:32
Anthony Lock 00:36:43
Chris Colbeck 00:36:46
Paul Ainslie 00:41:02
Tony Burkett 00:42:09
Tom Standard 00:45:46
Victoria Munday 00:47:04
Trevor Jennings 00:50:52
Lee-Ann Penaluna 00:52:06
Vicki Hopkins 00:53:38
Sharon Christie 00:53:45
Lyn Hopkins 00:53:51
Darlene Burkett 00:54:20
Suzanne Reeve 00:54:57
Regina Lally 00:57:54


Bearbrook 10k

 A nice early start for this race as this area tend to start their races at 9.30.  Must say I have never reached Oxford so fast on the A40 before as the roads were completely deserted!
Four Witney Road Runners took part in the race myself, Brian Moore, Graham & Judith Le Good. 
Weather was perfect and the course description is ‘flat’ and fast.  I think the race organisers should look at a dictionary and read the explanation of flat!  196ft of climb over 7km was the experience so a complete opposite of flat, but to their credit the start and finish was flat albeit on loose gravel to begin and grass to end.  Yes it was tough but a very well organised race with marshals everywhere.  Cannot remember much about the scenery on route but plenty  of open countryside and pubs.
No official results just yet but no prizes for any of us today which is a shame.
The momento for all runners is a mug which I think is appropriate as we were all hoodwinked into this flat and fast course 😀
Now I am not one who enters the league races with a view to getting 25 points but today was a win win for me so yay get in with max points and luckily a non sneaky last minute appearance by Chris Colbeck

Robert Green 42:29
Brian Moore 43:20
Graham Le Good 44:29
Judith Le Good 55:27

Saturday 5th August

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Sam UPTON                     00:17:07
Matthew LOCK                  00:19:14
Tony BURKETT                 00:21:40
Victoria MUNDAY              00:22:49
Simon WELCH                  00:23:37
Darlene BURKETT             00:26:15
Emily HOWARD                00:29:48

Abingdon Parkrun 5km

David MAY    00:20:09
Jeanette ASHTON    00:25:43


Sunday 30th July

Prudential Ride London 100 miles

Hannah West                    8:15:29

Saturday 29th July

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Fraser Howard                  20:10
Tony Burkett                    21:06
Graham Le Good               21:24
Billy Rendell                     21:34
Richard Redford                22:45
Lucy Garrod                     22:52
Sally Howard                    23:43
Rachel Stanley-Evans        23:47
Harriet Howard                 25:23
Simon Welch                    25:27
Judith Le Good                 27:16
Regina Lally                     28:08
Ian Fowler                       31:30

Abingdon Parkrun 5km

Lindsey Smith                   22:16

Harcourt Hill Parkrun 5km

Jeanette Ashton               27:07

Ashton Court Parkrun 5km

Victoria Munday                23:19

Banbury Parkrun 5km

Trevor Jennings                26:15           2nd V65

Iffley Festival Of Miles – 1 mile

‘D’ Race – Dan Wymer        5:53.8
‘B’ Race – Matt Lock           5:06.4          Track PB

Thursday 27th July

Mota- vation- Combe 2

Pos Fav Name Time Net Time Category
12   Samuel UPTON 00:24:00 00:23:59 SM
33   Chris Colbeck 00:25:41 00:25:37 VM40
38   Anthony LOCK 00:26:02 00:26:00 VM50
48   Matthew LOCK 00:26:31 00:26:26 U19M
61   James CLARK 00:27:21 00:27:16 SM
62   Graham FERRIS 00:27:24 00:27:19 VM50
73   William DOWNEY 00:28:07 00:28:00 SM
79   Nick MOGLIA 00:28:21 00:28:16 VM50
92   Billy Rendell 00:28:59 00:28:54 SM
93   Paul Ainslie 00:29:03 00:28:56 VM50
101   Robert GREEN 00:29:14 00:29:02 VM50
102   Dave MAY 00:29:17 00:29:07 VM40
108   Graham LE GOOD 00:29:32 00:29:24 VM60
119   Brian MOORE 00:30:14 00:30:04 VM50
120   Lindsey SMITH 00:30:16 00:30:06 VL35
131   Andy CHURCH 00:30:50 00:30:40 VM50
138   Richard REDFORD 00:31:14 00:30:58 VM40
143   Darren GRAYSON 00:31:19 00:31:02 VM50
153   Lucy Harris 00:31:49 00:31:42 VL45
172   Jenny MOORE 00:32:40 00:32:34 VL35
191   Jamie JONES 00:33:41 00:33:28 VM40
205   Heather SMITH 00:34:35 00:34:16 VL45
217   Melanie CASSIDY 00:35:06 00:34:53 VL35
220   Simon RHODES 00:35:23 00:35:02 VM40
222   Bridgid BRIENS 00:35:37 00:35:08 VL35
225   Nicola Fullerton 00:35:53 00:35:36 VL35
227   Trevor JENNINGS 00:35:59 00:35:46 VM60
228   Vicki Hopkins 00:36:06 00:35:48 SL
229   Dan WYMER 00:36:08 00:35:54 SM
230   Louise RHODES 00:36:10 00:35:48 VL45
234   Paul RUSHBY 00:36:39 00:36:17 VM50
236   Harriet-Rose NOONS 00:36:44 00:36:31 SL
238   Anne ROUGET 00:36:58 00:36:46 VL45
247   Colin MORRIS 00:37:18 00:36:57 VM50
248   Judith LE GOOD 00:37:20 00:36:59 VL55
250   Sharon CHRISTIE 00:37:22 00:37:06 VL45
253   Darlene BURKETT 00:37:29 00:37:15 VL55
264   Keith MORGAN 00:38:28 00:38:14 VM60
276   Regina LALLY 00:39:02 00:38:43 VL35


Sunday 23rd July

London triathlon Olympic distance

Jenny Moore 2:33:08. I got a pb on my 10k run at 46 minutes and when last checked came 2nd in age category. This may change as they’re still racing today!

Down Tow Up Flow half marathon

Vicky Hopkins Watch time 2:03:51 – chip time not available yet

Such a shame this is a non league race because it’s so close to home and what a cracking change to the usual road loops we all do! Point to point from either Marlow to Windsor (down Tow – this years route) or Windsor to Marlow (Up Flow) – they alternate each year. All off road either on gravel tracks, mud tracks or fields following the route of the river. Beautiful views and scenery once again, eyes were spoilt for things to look at! I’ll be entering next year to try out the reverse route. Well run but relatively low key, so felt quite intimate. Really did make a nice change as loop running breaks me! Not sure it’s a PB chasing race as lots of gates to go through, few bridges to cross and cows to avoid, but a great run all the same!

Marathon Relay

Well the day finally arrived and the seniors managed to field @ 28 runners which was a relief considering numbers were slightly down at the beginning of the week so a big thanks to all those that turned up today.  The juniors also had a similar number running so the scene was set for the showdown.

Weather wise it looked a bit gloomy on arrival with the threat of rain but we were certainly fortunate to actually experience blue skies and sun – but who would the sun shine on the most?

Mike Miles had a slick system in place for his team whilst John Mac went for the ‘this’ll do’ option and both methods worked.  The relay was amazing and everyone went for it and did their very best.  For most of  the seniors, the track was a novelty as it was a flat route, no kerbs, no road cambers so all good – I think the last time most of us used a track was when we were still at school which was a long time ago for many. 

So off we went and over the course of the relay the lead changed many times but never really extended any more than 300m either way.  Mike had a ringer in the juniors (Matt Ashton – who as Mike put it was once a junior so it counts).  Mike made good use of Matt during the relay and the seniors lead was drastically reduced on his every appearance.

With 6 laps to go, the seniors were still in the lead but the juniors had other ideas and made a massive surge to close the gap and then proceeded to sprint ahead.  4 laps later Mike put his whippets out and the juniors finished victorious as our legs would not work as fast.

Bearing in mind the relay was 105.5 laps the winning margin was 40 seconds – 2hrs 8m 24 secs for juniors (a new record) and 2hrs 9m 04secs for seniors – this also gives some realisation just how fast the world leading athletes complete their marathons.  To be honest everyone ran about a mile altogether but that mile according to nearly everyone was one of the hardest they had done.

After the finish everyone got together for a club photo and the juniors received their certificates and medals for a job well done and mission accomplished.  It was great to be part of such a wonderful event and cannot wait until next year.

A couple of things to note Ian Fowler did not fall over during the race so a big thumbs up.  And finally there is a real reason why the seniors got pipped to the line by 40 secs – John Mccormac dropped the baton and it took him about 45 secs to bend down and pick it up (as they say never let a good story get in the way of the truth)


Saturday 22nd July

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Matthew LOCK               00:18:52
James CLARK                00:19:34
Graham LE GOOD          00:20:51
Sally HOWARD               00:21:44
Tony BURKETT              00:21:46
Simon RHODES              00:22:49
Simon WELCH                00:23:19
Louise RHODES              00:25:40
Darlene BURKETT          00:26:16
Judith Ann LE GOOD     00:26:20
Fraser HOWARD            00:45:36

Northala Fields Parkrun 5km

Dan WYMER                  00:24:24
Tamsyn WYMER                        00:36:53

Bicester Parkrun 5km

Billy RENDELL                            00:21:32
Madaleine PATERSON               00:34:29

Sunday 16th July

Bourton one mile challenge

Dan Wymer  Scored a new PB: 5:52

Race report from High Wycombe 10k and half marathon

Well what a day it turned out to be for WRR with prizes in both distances so well done to all participators.

The routes were, shall we say, extremely hilly and that is being conservative.  Both races started at the same time and saw runners tackle on and off road terrain (this explains why I had difficulty following the route on google maps) and the hills encountered were something else.  I thought Adderbury was hilly with a 748 ft gain but the half today saw a 1165 ft gain.  Even the overall winner a Sri Lankan Olympian had commented it was demanding even though his time was an eye watering 1hr 13 mins ! Temperatures were slightly down on last weekend and luckily the sun was kept at bay so it wasn’t too uncomfortable (that’s my honest opinion but others may disagree).  With that said it was tough throughout but it will help in the long term on improving stamina for everyone. The finish was inside the football ground which was a lovely feature and probably the only flat section of both routes !

The race organisation was superb with easy parking, good facilities, loads of marshals and plenty of water stops. Once again the Grant and Stone sponsor goodie bag was superb plus a medal and running top so well worth the money.Must mention the Lock family who ran the Hornton 6 last night as a warm up for todays race………Hats off to you both. n a final positive note for Will Downey I have been asked (last night) to pass on the thanks for helping the runner at Adderbury last week!


Matthew Lock – 44m 25s
Craig Gibbin – 48m 00s
Lindsey Smith – 50m 02 s (3rd V40)

Half Marathon – WRR 1st Male team consisting of 4 scoring runners:

Tony Lock – 1hr 30m 42s (1st V50)
Chris Colbeck – 1hr 34m 45s
Bob Green – 1hr 41m 46s (3rd V50)
Brian Moore – 1hr 44m 10s

Sunday 16th July

Snowdon race (summit and back)

Tom Garrod  1:44:37, 273rd out of 571

Hornton 6

Tony Lock         37:27
Matthew Lock    40:05
Paul Ainslie        42:51
Andy Church      45:45
Lisa Holland       49:24
Heather Smith    51:47
Trever Jennings 53:23
John McCormac  54:10

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Will DOWNEY                00:19:43
Graham LE GOOD          00:21:10
Simon WELCH                00:23:04
Judith Ann LE GOOD       00:27:10
Ian FOWLER                  00:30:47

Killerton Parkrun 5km

Victoria MUNDAY                       00:22:31

Reigate Priory Parkrun 5km

Jen HORSMAN   00:32:34
Sam UPTON                  00:32:34

Abingdon Parkrun 5km

David MAY                    00:20:23

Evesham Parkrun 5km

Fraser HOWARD            00:20:36
Sally HOWARD               00:22:06
Harriet HOWARD           00:24:55
Emily HOWARD              00:28:45

Sunday 9th July

Adderbury 10k

Matt Lock   43:36 2nd Overall
Chris Miles 53:06 12th Overall

Adderbury Half

Chris Colbeck – 1:34:20 (6th)
Will Downey – 1:42:51 (17th)
Bob Green 1:48:34 (30th)

I looked at this race and thought it looked ideal for a summer / training run.  Advertised as an on / off road course – well they weren’t kidding.  Last week i did a quick weather check and the temperatures were due to drop from the heat we have been having so all good, however this was all lies and it was an absolute scorcher.  Me and heat do not go together so my race plan was a training run rather than go full throttle.

3 of us took part in the half, myself, Will Downey and Chris Colbeck (much to Will’s pleasure).  The course was really good with plenty of water, plenty of marshalls and varied terrain.  Open fields, styles, farm gates, fields with horses and sheep, gravel tracks, road, trail routes, crop fields – boy we had it all.  Oh yes forgot to mention the hills and there were lots of those – some steep and some steeper.  Weather wise it was hot – there were times when we had cloud cover followed by times of intense sun and running in a fan oven !  Overall my race strategy paid off and i finished comfortably and steady.  Chris loved it and said he had a really good race.  Will did a good deed in helping a runner on 3 occasions offering water and assistance – he is still waiting for the thanks !

Definitely one to put in your diary for next year but maybe a touch cooler.

New Forest Half

Cracking race. Think I was the only WRR! Shame as it was a great course, great weather and great scenery! Watch time 1:36. Official results not yet out 😞 another HOT run! Can’t escape them at the moment !

Vicki Hopkins 1:36

Saturday 8th July

Upton Standard Distance Tri

Sam Upton – 2:27:40

Swim – 31:07
Bike – 1:14:07
Run – 38:42

Upton Sprint Distance Tri

Jen Horsman – 1:46:30

Swim – 16:05
Bike – 52:39
Run – 32:53

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Will DOWNEY                00:19:49
Matthew LOCK               00:20:15
Craig GIBBIN                 00:20:17
Lindsey SMITH              00:21:35
Rachel STANLEY-EVANS 00:23:37
Regina LALLY                00:27:12

Cambridge Parkrun 5km

Victoria MUNDAY           00:22:01

Abingdon Parkrun 5km

David MAY                    00:20:19

Cheltenham Parkrun 5km

Fraser HOWARD            00:19:05
Sally HOWARD               00:21:39
Harriet HOWARD           00:24:44

Lanhydrock Parkrun 5km

Graham LE GOOD          00:23:55
Sarah GREEN                 00:28:09
Judith Ann LE GOOD       00:30:45

Sunday 2nd July

Great Newham Run

Ian Fowler 65:43

Monmouth Aquathlon 

Fraser Howard (1km river swim, 15:40 then 12km off-road run, 53:11) 3rd overall, 1st V40
Sally Howard (12km off-road run, 56:59) 1st V40

Didcot 5

Craig Gibbin 34.43.35
Lindsey Smith 34.43.54
Nicola Fullerton 40.59.13

Buscot 10k

Not too sure what the expectations were going to be on this course as trying to find a course map or any info online was very pretty much non existent, but when does that stop you for entering….  A warm sunny morning and a total of 9 WRR in attendance which was brilliant.  

The venue was stunning and the race organisers put on a good show however, It soon became apparent this was going to be a hillier course than anticipated going by the estate contours.  By all accounts this was a record number of runners so there was a slight delay in the start but everyone was in high spirits and a few minutes of waiting is not a problem.  Starting just outside Buscot house the start was downhill followed by a small loop uphill where you went back past the house and continued with a roller coaster road journey.  At the top of the hill stood a deer statue under a whalebone arch and to the right if you were lucky enough to catch it was a real one in the field (alas my eyes were not focused that direction so missed it)  After the statue we all turned right onto an anti clockwise route that took you through a wooded area with trail and gravel roads and a nice drop in temperature.  However this was short lived as you run out into the open across gravel, concrete and tarmac roads for a couple for miles before going back under the trees and reaching the statue and then repeating the loop (the loop felt weird because you always seemed to be running uphill with only a small amount of descending).  The third time of reaching the deer began the push for the finish line of just under 1 km.  All downhill to start and a steep climb back past the house before descending to the finish line.  

It did get rather warm out there so the tree covered areas were much needed and a lot cooler.  The course organizers put out plenty of water so you had a total of four opportunities to take some which was really good for a 10k route.  All our runners gave positive comments about the course so a big thumbs up and an embarrassing rendition of ‘happy birthday’ for Rachel in front of all the finishers. 

Great little event, tough course plenty of hills, off road, no chip timing, in fact no timing at all , just start here finish there.very scenic.

James Clark                   42:58  6th overall
Bob Green                     43:22
Rachel Stanley-Evans     47:10
Simon Rhodes                48.28
Jade Hewlett                  48.55
Lisa Holland                   51.35
John McCormac              55.10

Saturday 1st July

Holkham 10k

Rebecca Floyd 1:02 
Fantastic race. Norfolk much hillier than they make out!

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Will DOWNEY                00:19:48
Craig GIBBIN                 00:20:05
Graham LE GOOD          00:20:56
Simon RHODES              00:22:25
Louise RHODES              00:25:25
Sarah GREEN                 00:25:42
Judith Ann LE GOOD       00:26:41

Didcot Parkrun 5km

Fraser HOWARD            00:18:57
Tony BURKETT              00:20:35 PB
Dan WYMER                  00:20:37 PB
Lindsey SMITH              00:21:00 PB
Sally HOWARD               00:21:28
Nick MORLEY                 00:22:05
Tom STANDARD            00:22:06
Darlene BURKETT          00:25:37 PB
Tamsyn WYMER                        00:32:17
Ian FOWLER                  00:32:18

Bryn Bach Parkrun 5km

Victoria MUNDAY           00:21:31

Bury St Edmunds Parkrun 5km

Matthew LOCK               00:18:54
Tony LOCK                    00:19:19


Thursday 29th June

Combe 1 Motivation

Samuel UPTON              00:21:50
Matthew LOCK               00:23:24
Anthony LOCK               00:23:45
Frankie SNARE               00:24:22
Fraser HOWARD            00:24:25
James CLARK                00:24:57
Keith READ                    00:24:59
Robert GREEN                00:25:47
Brian MOORE                 00:25:51
Dave MAY                     00:25:50
Billy Rendell                   00:26:07
Dan WYMER                  00:26:35
Graham FERRIS             00:26:37
Toby Clarke                   00:26:47
Graham LE GOOD          00:26:45
Lindsey SMITH              00:26:52
Craig GIBBIN                 00:26:53
Victoria MUNDAY           00:27:23
Tony BURKETT              00:27:49
Rachel STANLEY-EVANS 00:27:51
Sally HOWARD               00:28:05
Nick MORLEY                 00:28:14
Richard REDFORD          00:28:14
Lucy Harris                    00:28:40
Jade HEWLETT              00:28:50
Simon RHODES              00:28:50
Darren GRAYSON           00:29:06
Jessica WRIGHT                        00:30:03 PB
Lisa HOLLAND               00:30:42
Lee-ann PENALUNA       00:31:29
Abi Adams                     00:31:32
Melanie CASSIDY           00:31:40
Nicola Fullerton              00:31:53
Louise RHODES              00:31:53
Judith LE GOOD             00:33:08
Trevor JENNINGS          00:33:11
Sharon CHRISTIE           00:33:38
Regina LALLY                00:33:42
Colin MORRIS                00:33:56
Vicki Hopkins                 00:33:58
Darlene BURKETT          00:34:36
Hannah WEST                00:37:45

Sunday 25th June

Thame 10k

Sam Upton        35.48                PB
Tony Lock         38.09
Matt Lock          39.34                1st U19M
Will Downey      40.19
Craig Gibbon      41.26
Toby Clarke       41.34
Tony Burkett     42.45
Lindsay Smith    43.56                2nd FV35.
Vicki Hopkins     55.36
Ian Fowler         62.14

Sherborne 10k

A great race today at Sherborne.  Undulating and challenging I would say with a complete mixture of terrain – tarmac, gravel, woodland, grass and lots of hills.  A little bit longer than 10k due to an error by us runners (everyone followed the person in front). The organisers did apologise as the marshal was not at the junction plus no arrows so it put an extra 160 metres or so onto the distance which is not a problem as I would rather they were longer than shorter.  At the end of the day everyone did the same distance and we all had smiles (grimaces) at the end.  Fully recommend the Sherborne tea shop for refreshments after the race – very quirky but fantastic.

Fraser Howard               41:50    6th
Brian Moore                   45:45
Bob Green                     46:44
Nick Morley                   50:03
Jessica Wright                51:37    4th VL35
Nicola Fullerton              55:03
Trevor Jennings             58:11

GE Aviation Super Sprint Aquathlon in Cheltenham.

Anna Whitham Overall 22:44 (Swim 9:06, Run 12:25)

Swansea Half

Lucy Harris        PB of 1.43.47

Saturday 24th June


Harriet Howard 25:46

The Ridgeway Revenge half marathon

Rachel Stanley Evans      1:57

Maverick half marathon – Winchcombe, Gloucestershire

Cathy Morley (& Harper) – 01:56:09

Wycombe Rye Parkrun 5km

Victoria MUNDAY                       00:23:09

Abingdon Parkrun 5km

David MAY                    00:20:47


Sunday 18th June

Ridgeway Relay


What a great day in fantastic conditions…if you happen to be a Solar Panel!!!

The temperatures were unrelenting at around 28-30 degrees and the sun beat down out of an azure blue sky…at one point I swear I saw Lawrence of Arabia on his camel coming towards me!

7.30 am saw Andy Church and Jade Hewlett start the 87 miles of the Ridgeway Relay. 11 and a half tough hours later, Rachel Stanley-Evans and Tony Burkett hauled ass into Marlborough to complete a heroic team effort from every single member of both teams.

So, huge thanks and well done to …Heather Smith, Suzanne Reeve, Nicola Henman, Sally Howard, Jenny Moore, Craig Gibbin, Joel Floyd, Lisa Holland, John McCormac, Anne Rouget, Darlene Burkett, Sam Upton, Nick Moglia, Matt Lock, Tony Lock, Fraser Howard, Toby Clark, Lindsey Smith, Nick Morley, Vicky Hopkins, Regina Lally and Chris Colbeck for suffering for their sport and their club in such wicked temperatures.

Thanks also go to Dave Rouget, Dan and Tamsin Wymer Steve and Lyn are in awe of all of you, and it is FANTASTIC to see our club out there battling away in such a prestigious event.

A great night was also had at the Griffin afterwards with Pizzas and chips aplenty.

Heres to next year when we hope to get 3 teams and  loads more runners and supporters out there for a fab day!!

Saturday 17th June

EU championships Age Group Olympic Distance Triathol, Kitzbuhel

Graham Le Good 2:43:27 4th overall and 1st GBR

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Tony BURKETT              00:21:07
Sally HOWARD               00:22:05
Harriet HOWARD           00:24:35
Darlene BURKETT          00:26:08

Parke Parkrun 5km

Victoria MUNDAY                       00:34:20

Burnham and Highbridge Parkrun 5km

Regina LALLY                00:27:19

Hardcourt Hill Parkrun 5km

Jeanette ASHTON                       00:26

Cumnor 5km

An excellent turn out from WRR

Sam Upton                    17:45    3rd Overall
Matthew Lock                18:42
Tony Lock                     19:03
James Clark                   20:13
Dan Wymer                   21:02
Paul Ainslie                    21:07
Lindsey Smith                21:43
Nick Morley                   22:35
Nicola Fullerton              26:30
Trevor Jennings             26:53
Ian Fowler                     30:06
Rebecca Floyd               31:10

Sunday 11th June

Heyford Park 10k

Sally Mackie 57.43 chip time – hard work because of the wind

Saturday 10rd June

European Middle Distance Triathlon Champs, Herning, Denmark.

Simon Covell
1900m Swim/90km Bike/21.2 Km Run
33:32/2:37:06/1:35:40  Total4:51:51 and 34/68 in M45-49 Category.

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Matthew LOCK               00:20:42
Graham LE GOOD          00:21:20
Tony BURKETT              00:22:00
Toby CLARKE                00:22:00
Judith Ann LE GOOD       00:27:35
Lorraine LANYON           00:28:18
Regina LALLY                00:28:47
Ian FOWLER                  00:30:02
Darlene BURKETT          00:39:04

Abingdon Parkrun 5km

David MAY                    00:21:01

Didcot Parkrun 5km

Fraser HOWARD                        00:18:55
Harriet HOWAR                          00:24:39
Emily HOWARD                          00:28:57

Banbury Parkrun 5km

Trevor JENNINGS                      00:25:54

Fulham Palace Parkrun 5km

Lucy HARRIS                             00:23:20

Exeter Riverside Parkrun 5km

Victoria MUNDAY                       00:22:15

Hardcourt Hill Parkrun 5km

Jeanette ASHTON                       00:26:36
Simon MARTIN                          00:26:53

Tuesday 6th June

Banbury 5 mile
Anthony Lock 31:14
Mathew Lock 35:43
Rachel Stanley-Evans 35:45
Victoria Munday 35:48
Trevor Jennings 42:48

Sunday 4th June

 Chiltern Chase 10k

 0:41:34 David Reeves                           0:41:32            
0:43:36 Craig Gibbin                              0:43:35            
0:44:54 Lindsey Smith                           0:44:51            
0:44:55 Graham Le Good                       0:44:48            
0:45:14 James Clark                              0:45:12            
0:47:22 Nick Morley                               0:47:19
0:50:38 Simon Rhodes                            0:50:28
0:57:29 Judith Le Good                          0:57:01            

Chilton Chase 15k

Times not up yet!!!!!!

Ohema Powell
Jim Whelan
Anne Rouget 1:32 pb

Chippenham 5

Nicola Fullerton 40:17  This was my first 5 mile race.

Fairford 10k

Nick Moglia        41:34 and was 2nd V50

Cotswold 113 Tri

Richard Redford 5-26.02
Darren Grayson 5-42.20

Saturday 3rd June

 Blenheim Tri

Sam Upton        1:21:15. My run was the tenth quickest of the day!
Tony Burkett     1:31:54  PB
Darlene Burkett 1:46:50  PB

Otmoor Challenge, approx. 13 miles…….

Chris Colbeck     1:32
Andy Church      1:45
Lucy Harris
Nick Morley       1:55
Cathy Morley and her dog Harper            1:55
Jamie Jones
Paul Rushby       2:07

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Fraser HOWARD            00:19:37
Matthew LOCK               00:20:39
Graham LE GOOD          00:21:13
Sally HOWARD               00:23:07
Harriet HOWARD           00:23:33
Ian FOWLER                  00:29:57

Abingdon Parkrun 5km

David MAY                    00:20:40
Lindsey SMITH  00:21:18

Aberystwyth Parkrun 5km

Tom GARROD                00:19:10

Banbury Parkrun 5km

Trevor JENNINGS          00:26:54


Saturday 27th May

 European Aquathlon Championships 2017 Bratislava

Swim 1km, Run 5km

Graham Le Good 42:12  1st VM65

Many thanks to all at WRR as a strong run pulled me through to 1st place.

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Chris ELLIS                    00:19:27
Fraser HOWARD            00:19:50
Kevin HENNESSY           00:20:36
Simon RHODES              00:24:50
Harriet HOWARD           00:25:10
Ian FOWLER                  00:30:50
Luka CLARKE                 00:36:57
Toby CLARKE                00:36:58

Abingdon Parkrun 5km

Lindsey SMITH              00:21:20
Victoria MUNDAY           00:22:19

Aberystwyth Parkrun 5km

Tom GARROD                00:19:26

Banbury Parkrun 5km

Trevor JENNINGS          00:26:37

Thursday 25th May

Moti-vation Bletchington

Still a few issues with the chip timing…………………..


Name Time Net Time
Samuel UPTON 00:25:33 00:25:33
Matthew LOCK 00:26:28 00:26:28
Anthony LOCK 00:26:46 00:26:40
Eric CUGNET 00:26:46 00:26:42
William DOWNEY 00:27:29 00:27:22
Toby CLARKE 00:27:33 00:27:27
Adam LEARY 00:27:49 00:27:41
James CLARK 00:28:04 00:27:56
Brian MOORE 00:28:40 00:28:29
Robert GREEN 00:28:56 00:28:47
Dave MAY 00:29:39 00:29:39
Dan WYMER 00:30:03 00:29:50
Tony BURKETT 00:30:06 00:29:57
Nick MORLEY 00:30:48 00:30:33
Andy CHURCH 00:30:49 00:30:36
Lucy HARRIS 00:31:04 00:30:47
Jade HEWLETT 00:31:49 00:31:32
Richard REDFORD 00:31:54 00:31:33
Tom STANDARD 00:32:10 00:32:10
Simon RHODES 00:33:41 00:33:21
Jessica WRIGHT 00:33:59 00:33:59
Darren GRAYSON 00:34:21 00:34:00
Bridgid BRIENS 00:35:31 00:35:31
Trevor JENNINGS 00:36:14 00:35:55
John McCORMAC 00:36:34 00:36:34
Melanie CASSIDY 00:36:45 00:36:28
Paul RUSHBY 00:37:07 00:37:07
Anne ROUGET 00:38:15 00:37:56
Colin MORRIS 00:38:16 00:37:44
Sharon CHRISTIE 00:38:24 00:38:24
Louise RHODES 00:38:39 00:38:11
Regina LALLY 00:38:44 00:38:30
Darlene BURKETT 00:38:44 00:38:18
Beverley ANDERSON 00:38:59 00:38:41
Hannah WEST 00:42:32 00:42:32


Sunday 21st May

 Eton Dorney Sprint Triathlon – ITU Sprint Triathlon Qualifier

 Graham Le Good  1:18:18  (Qualified for ITU World AG Championships – Rotterdam September 2017)
Judith Le Good  1:39:16

Cotswold Novice Duathalon – Lake 62, Ashton Keynes

Today Sunday I took part in my first duathalon.

Jeanette Ashton 3k run, 14k bike, 3k run. = 1.05.58.

22nd place overall, 7th lady, 2nd Vet V5 category but 1st lady. Winning man in my category finished only 21 seconds in front of me.

Saturday 20th May

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Fraser HOWARD            00:18:5
Matthew LOCK               00:19:15
Dan WYMER                  00:21:27
Harriet HOWARD           00:22:42
James FIELD                 00:22:44
Tony BURKETT              00:22:45
Nicola HENMAN             00:25:27
Frankie HOLLAND          00:26:06
Linda FIELD                   00:26:14
Regina LALLY                00:26:48
Darlene BURKETT          00:26:56
Rebecca FLOYD             00:28:00
Ian FOWLER                  00:30:20
Tamsyn WYMER                        00:32:08
John ABRAMS                00:35:31

Newbury Parkrun 5km

Jacob MARTIN   00:20:54

Wimbledon parkrun 5km

Sarah GREEN     00:

Banbury Parkrun 5km

Simon RHODES              00:24:01
Trevor JENNINGS          00:26:25
Louise RHODES              00:26:49

Sunday 14th May

Oxford Town and Gown 10k

                                    Gun                  Chip    

Craig GIBBIN                   00:41:19           00:41:06 pb
Lindsey SMITH              00:43:41           00:43:28 pb
Alex TOWNSEND                                      00:47:37
Gail BELL                         00:50:22           00:49:55
Linda WRIGHT               00:53:57           00:51:33
Ian FOWLER                  01:00:15           00:59:25

Baggeridge 10K (very hilly trail race)

Harriet-Rose Noons        1:06:26  3rd lady overall

Saturday 13th May

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Fraser HOWARD            00:18:37
James CLARK                00:19:19 PB
Robert GREEN                00:19:24
Toby CLARKE                00:19:26 PB
Nick Dalton (unknown – lost barcode on the route!) 20:26
Tony BURKETT              00:20:36 PB
Sally HOWARD               00:20:45 PB
Dan WYMER                  00:20:57 PB
Graham LE GOOD          00:21:04
Nick MORLEY                 00:22:07
Simon RHODES              00:23:49
Judith Ann LE GOOD       00:26:14
Linda FIELD                   00:26:15 PB
Darlene BURKETT          00:26:35
Tamsyn WYMER             00:31:53 PB
Ian FOWLER                  00:31:57
John ABRAMS                00:34:44

Harriet Howard will be running her 100th next Saturday

Abingdon Parkrun 5km

Vicki HOPKINS               00:25:36
Jeanette ASHTON           00:25:43
Regina LALLY                00:26:58

Strathclyde parkrun

Victoria MUNDAY           00:23:15

Redcar Parkrun 5km

Craig GIBBIN                 00:20:00
Lindsey SMITH              00:21:21

Sunday 7th May

Shakespeare Stratford Half Marathon

Nicola Fullerton             1.58.50 pb
Vicki Hopkins                2.01.21 pb
Regina Lally                    2:04:49

Up nice and early to prepare myself as Bag Lady for the race. Due to Sciatica problems I transferred my place to one of WRR latest recruits, Nic Fullerton. (Didn’t like doing that, especially as I was due to run with my daughter Vicki, never mind, I had to be sensible- I know usually difficult for me!!)

Regina stayed overnight at mine (only way I could guarantee she would be up in time). Vicki and Nic arrived at 6.50 for the exciting journey to Stratford.

Cloudy start, but as we neared Race headquarters we could feel it warming up, great for me, but not for the runners.

We arrived, queued to park, then queued for the toilets as you do. (A bit smelly, but needs must!)

Time to walk to the start, a lovely walk through the park, over the river, through a beautiful part of the town. Some fantastic old buildings and some that should not have been allowed.

Girls strip off, more layers for me if it cools down, nervous feeling all round. Amazing how many runners you hear telling others about their niggles and how they don’t expect to do a good time, the heat will not help either.

The hooter goes and they are off on the 13 1/2 miles in the sunshine.

I head off and managed to see the girls round the corner, I stayed in place just long enough to see Ali Maybrey run past, smiling as usual. I don’t like this supporting business, I want to run!

Time to shop, off to the market, some lovely stuff, but luckily for Steve’s bank account nothing I wanted. 

OK off to the finish for a coffee, what a great moment, church bells ringing, people chattering enjoying the sunshine. (Actually I am enjoying the supporting after all!)

An hour to go, exciting waiting for the girls, I hope they are having fun. Course record is about 1 hour 12 minutes, can they beat it?

Just for Regina there are hundreds of bananas to hand out to the finishers! (She does not do bananas!)

Winner finished in 1 hour 8 minutes 28 seconds.

Good crowd at the finish, commentator was boring and kept getting the time wrong.

Here comes Nic in 1.59.33, Vicki 2.01.25, Regina 2.04.48 and Ali 2.03.18. ( not confirmed yet)

All the girls looked great finishing, so jealous, tried to video Vicki, the grass looks good!

Still very warm, drinks and bananas to help.

We found Ali with her windup watch, we think there is a little man inside, it took ages to get her finish time showing.

Back to car, bra flashing to change tops, deodorant to improve the smell in the car.

Now what? Vicki says it’s pint time, I think they all deserve one, let’s find a good spot.

Coxs yard down by the river, good spot in the sunshine, do you get the theme? I like the sun!

Damn sat here and there is 5 minutes before the pub opens, gasping. They are open, yippee beer time, well done girls.

European Sprint Duathlon Championships – Soria, Spain

Graham Le Good 1:21:25 5th Overall & 3rd GBR VM65

Back in October last year, on a very wet and cold early Sunday morning, I qualified for the EU Duathlon (Run, Bike, Run) Sprint Championships as a member of the GBR Age Group team. The thought of Spain at the end on April seemed appealing, should be warm and sunny. We would take the car on the ferry to Santander and make a holiday of it, that was enough to convince Judith. Arriving in Spain and it was COLD, the forecast for the next few days up to race day was to continue cold (less than 5C) with showers. There was frost most mornings and driving to Soria through snow capped mountains was not quite what we had envisaged.

On race day is was a little warmer at the start time of 08:30 – maybe 6C or 8C, dry but with a strong wind.

The run was through a park area but leaving the town on the bike the wind and cold became apparent. The old boys wave was followed by a wave of ladies who caught us up on the bike. Don’t how some of the Spanish Ladies kept warm in minimalistic tri-suits and it looked very uncomfortable on the bike, no material let alone any padding on the seating area! Off the bike and onto the final run past my supporters, who looked frozen, over the finish line to finish 5th overall in my age category and 3rd GBR which means a qualification place for the same event next year in Ibiza where it must be warmer! Then it was time to relax, enjoy the scenery, the food and the wine!

Stroud trail half

William Downey 2:02

Marlow 5

Name                        Gun time             Chip time

Matthew Lock            32:25                       32:22
Bob Green                32:41                       32:37
Brian Moore              32:45                       32:40
Craig Gibbin              32:53                       32:48
Paul Ainslie               33:18                       33:06
Lindsey Smith           34:35                       34:28
Chris Miles                34:42                       34:36
John McCormac         41:58                       41:16
Sharon Christie          44:58                       43:56
Rebecca Floyd           47:52                        45:51

Cotswold Super Sprint Triathlon

Darren Grayson  1:06:43
Graham Le Good  1:06:58  1st MV65
Richard Redford  1:09:16
Judith Le Good  1:34:12


Saturday 6th May

Malvern Hills Ultra 45

Ben Lonsdale                11.47.01

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Tony BURKETT              20:53
Graham LE GOOD          20:54
Sally HOWARD               21:16
Harriet HOWARD           23:20
Judith Ann LE GOOD       26:17
Darlene BURKETT          26:30
Ian FOWLER                  30:51
John ABRAMS                33:46

Abingdon Parkrun 5km

Lindsey SMITH  21:06


Hardcourt Hill Parkrun 5km

Liam CLOGGER  22:58


Tuesday 2nd May

Silverstone 10k

Matt Lock,                     40:45
Rob Green,                    41:18
Darren Grayson,          46:15
Richard Redford,        46:33

(WRR 24th team)

Monday 1st May

Chalgrove 10k

Chris Colbeck            00:38:26
Anthony Lock             00:39:29
Matthew Lock            00:40:23
Brian Moore                00:42:19          First four WRRs: 2nd Men’s team
Joel Floyd                   00:43:12
Christopher Miles        00:44:44
Lindsey Smith             00:45:38
Nick Morley                00:45:52
Simon Rhodes             00:49:13
Melanie Cassidy          00:52:11          1st 10k race
Lee-Ann Penaluna      00:53:02
Keith Morgan              00:54:19
Colin Morris                00:59:06         
Ian Fowler                   01:00:32

Milton Keynes Full

James Clark                 3:34:53 chip time and it hurt! James 1st marathon.

Milton Keynes Half

Tom Garrod      1:27:18
Paul Rusby       2:07:16


Sunday 30th April

 Road relays

Ladies Vet Team wins BRONZE, a very well done to Jenny Moore, Sally Howard and Lindsey Smith, great running

Road relays


3rd Bronze medal winners

Witney Road Runners Vets ‘B’

Howard, Sally 00:22:14
Smith, Lindsey 00:21:50
Moore, Jenny 00:24:13


Witney Road Runners Vets ‘A’

Christie, Sharon 00:27:38
Lally, Regina 00:26:31
Floyd, Rebecca 00:28:23



Witney Road Runners ‘A’

Cugnet, Eric 00:19:04
Floyd, Joel 00:20:40
Field, James 00:21:15
Moglia, Nick 00:20:21

Saturday 29th April 

Oxford Parkrun 5km           

Matthew LOCK               23:33
Harriet HOWARD           23:47
Fraser HOWARD            24:47
Ian FOWLER                  29:22
John ABRAMS                34:17 &n

Thursday 27th April 

 Motivation Charlton on Otmoor Race 1

Samuel UPTON 00:23:28
Eric CUGNET 00:24:21
Matthew LOCK 00:24:31
Anthony LOCK 00:24:45
Graham FERRIS 00:24:54
Fraser HOWARD 00:25:21
Nick MOGLIA 00:26:08
Craig GIBBIN 00:26:23
Robert GREEN 00:26:27
William DOWNEY 00:26:31
Brian MOORE 00:26:38
Adam LEARY 00:26:53
Mark JARRETT 00:26:55
Dave MAY 00:27:15
Andy CHURCH 00:27:52
Lindsey SMITH 00:27:54
Nick MORLEY 00:28:35
Tom STANDARD 00:28:54
Rachel STANLEY-EVANS 00:29:23
Toby CLARKE 00:29:23
Richard REDFORD 00:29:28
Darren GRAYSON 00:29:29
Tony BURKETT 00:29:32
Jenny MOORE 00:30:53
Jacqui GAMAGE 00:30:59
Melanie CASSIDY 00:32:00
Lee-ann PENALUNA 00:32:32
Harriet-Rose NOONS 00:32:39
Jessica WRIGHT 00:33:30
John McCORMAC 00:33:35
Paul RUSHBY 00:33:53
Colin MORRIS 00:34:14
Keith MORGAN 00:34:19
Anne ROUGET 00:34:47
Trevor JENNINGS 00:35:06
Sharon CHRISTIE 00:35:12
Regina LALLY 00:35:36

Tuesday 25th April

First Name Surname Apr-25
Matthew Lock 5.10
Sam Upton 5.13
Eric Cugnet 5.37
Craig Gibbin 5.53
Tony Lock 5.57
Bob Green 6.01
Tom Standard 6.14
Darren Grayson 6.20
Richard Redford 6.27
Jacqui Gamage 7.04
Harriet Noons 7.06
Melanie Cassidy 7.07
Vicki Hopkins 7.14
Tabatha Durkin 7.27
Sharon Christie 7.49
Anne Rouget 7.50
John McCormac 7.56
Linda Fields 7.57
Frankie Holland 7.57
Francesca Wood 7.58
Darlene Burkett 8.00
Frankie Balkwill 8.01
Trevor Jennings 8.15
Rebecca Floyd 8.16
Hannah West 8.37
Ian Fowler 8.53

Sunday 23rd April

Edinburgh 10 mile

Brian Moore                   1:10:45

Plymouth Half Marathon

Stan Charles-Jones                     1:30:32             PB

London Marathon

Frankie Snare                            3:05:41
Graham Ferris                           3:07:50
Paul Ainslie                                3:17:58
Will Downey                              3:18:54
Adam Leary                               3:20:02
Rachel Stanley-Evans                 3:23:51
Tony Burkett                              3:27:12             PB
Laura Davies                             3:27:48             1st Marathon
Toby Clarke                               3:30:09
Bertie Field                                3:39:39             PB
Jade Hewlett                              3:49:16             1st Marathon     
Andy Church                              3:49:23
Lucy Harris                                3:50:55
Heather Smith                            3:56:07             less than six days are running the Boston marathon
Jessica Wright                            4:11:39             1st Marathon
Jamie Jones                               4:12:14
Dan Wymer                               4:12:55
Keiron White                              4:36:57
Nigel Moss                                 4:39:53
Tracey Moss                              4:39:53

Saturday 22nd April

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Fraser Howard               18:52                100th Parkrun
Matthew Lock                19:57
Craig Gibbon                  20:03                PB
Graham Le Good            21.17
Tony Lock                     21:38
Lindsey Smith                21:40                PB
Sally Howard                 21:54
Harriet Howard              22:20
Simon Rhodes                24:01
Darlene Burkett             26:26                PB
Judith Le Good               26.46
Ian Fowler                     29:53

Gunnersbury Parkrun 5km

Ben Lonsdale                 22:25                PB

Listowel Parkrun 5km

Kevin Hennessy             20:02

Monday 17th April

Boston Marathon

Heather Smith       4:09:00

Sunday 16th April

Carterton 10 km

Fraser Howard               37:56                1st M40 
Chris Colbeck                 37:53                2nd M40
Matthew Lock                39:34
Nick Moglia                    41:51                1st M50
Craig Gibbon                  42:07
Chris Miles                     43:30
Lindsey Smith                44:38
Toby Clarke                   45:58
Bertie Field                    46:00
Rachel Stanley-Evans     46:05
Jenny Moore                  48:29
Laurent Le Texier           50:25                PB
Vicki Hopkins                 52:00
Keith Morgan                 53:28                2nd M60
Jessica Wright                54:26
Frankie Holland              54:34
Darlene Burkett             54:35                1st W50
Linda Field                     54:39               
Suzanne Reeve              55:11
Sally Macke                   57:59                2nd W50
Rebecca Floyd               59:06
Ian Fowler                     63:04

Carterton 5km

Sally Howard                 21:23                1st Lady
Harriet Howard              22:29
Emily Howard                28:14

Saturday 15th April

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Chris Ellis                      19:50
Matthew Lock                20:44
Robert Green                 20:45
Fraser Howard               20:59                99th Parkrun
Graham Le Good            22:04
Sally Howard                 22:41
Harriet Howard              25:35
Judith Le Good               27:10

Fell Foot Parkrun, Newby Bridge

Sam Upton                    18:25

Bicester Parkrun 5km

Tamsyn Wymer             32:56
Dan Wymer                   32:57

Friday 14th

Maidenhead 10 mile

Chris Colbeck                 1:03:10
Brian Moore                   1:09:57             SB
Chris Miles                     1:11:32             PB
Paul Ainslie                    1:12:56
Graham Le Good            1:13:28
Lisa Holland                   1:19:07             PB       
John McCormac              1:27:57
Judith Le Good               1:27:58
Sharon Christie              1:30:25             PB

Sunday 9th April

Chedworth Roman Trail (10m off road)

Nicola Henman              1:37:23
Paul Rushby                   1:42:32
Suzanne Reeve              1:43:22
Jim Whelan                    1:48:46

Kymin Dash

Fraser Howard               47:27
Sally Howard                 56:09

White Horse Half Marathon

Gareth Petts                  1:19:05             2nd SM              County Gold
Will Downey                  1:29:24
Tom Garrod                   1:29:32
Adam Leary                   1:36:35
Brian Moore                   1:38:54             PB
James Clark                   1:39:11
Joel Floyd                      1:39:36
Rachel Stanley-Evans     1:40:17             1st L35              County Gold
Bertie Field                    1:40:18
Lucy Garrod                  1:46:34
Richard Redford             1:46:43
Lisa Holland                   1:49:58

                        Nick Morley                   1:51:44
Tracey Moss                  2:01:42
Lee-Ann Penaluna          2:02:06             1st half marathon
Nigel Moss                     2:02:43
Sharon Christie              2:19:03

Witney Ladies team, Rachel, Lucy and Lisa:  County Bronze

White horse half marathon race report from Lisa Holland: Having not ran the White Horse before I found the facilities very good but a bit of a walk to the start. The course is on country roads, not much traffic but long flat and featureless. Today was the hottest day this year which made things very tough but organisers sorted out extra water breaks which was a relief. I felt great up to seven miles but found the heat very tough and made going from there to the end very difficult. Thank god for the extra water break at 11 miles. Great support at 6 miles from the Chairman, Lucy and our great photographer, Sharon. Crossed the the finish line knackered and a bit out of it. Thank you Witney Road Runners for all the support.

Brighton Marathon

A rather hot and windless day and a personal worst at 3hr 46m Ice cream and deck chair time!

Bob Green                     3:46:00
Craig Gibbon                  3:58:00             1st Marathon

Saturday 8th April

strong>Oxford Parkrun 5km

Fraser Howard               18:51               
Matthew Lock                18:56
Graham Le Good            21:32
Harriet Howard              23:23
Linda Field                     27:03                PB        1st race as Witney Road Runner
Darlene Burkett             27:06                PB
Ian Fowler                     30:16

Chichester parkrun 5km

Regina Lally                   31:42   

Compton 20 mile

On a dry, sunny Saturday morning we lined up on the school field after being topped up with pre-race FREE tea and coffee………Mr F let me be in the lead for about 20 metres until he said that’s enough I’m off………………..and so he did. What followed was a lovely scenic 20 mile route with more than a few undulations thrown in, and some big whoppers through some lovely countryside and also on the Ridgeway.
At the finish you were greeted with water, juice, jaffa cakes, jelly beans and a long sleeve running top……………………..followed by a lovely warm shower and FREE hot food………..sausages beans and chips and rice pudding for afters, and tea and coffee…………….all this for £20….
Well done to Mr F, he has done it 8th overall and 1st MV50………..and as the only other WRR there I captured the moment on camera……….so give him an extra round of applause on Thursday as I will not be there this week.

Graham Ferris 2:35:06
Andy Church 3:05:19

South Downs Way 50 mile – rather warm!

Ben Lonsdale 11hr 37min 30s

Sunday 2nd April

Treehouse 10km

Simon Rhodes                47:53                PB
Louise Rhodes               50:12                PB

Oakley 20 mile

Nice, scenic but undulating course consisting of a 12 mile and 8 mile loop. Well-marshaled and a hoodie for all finishers (shame it’s atomic yellow!)

Paul Ainslie                    2:35:03

Bicester Triathlon
Gareth Petts                  1:02:17             3rd                   

Richard Redford             1:14:41

Darren Grayson             1:14:41

Combe Gibet to Overton 16 mile

Lovely off road 16 mile race, very scenic

Graham Ferris               1:50:27             2nd V50
Heather Smith                2:31:12
Andy Church                  2:43:06
Paul Rushby                   2:43:13

Greater Manchester Marathon

Sam Upton                    2:55:45             PB

Saturday 1st April

Oxford Parkrun 5km

 Matthew Lock                19:20
Harriet Howard              22:58
Sally Howard                 23:20
Simon Rhodes                23:55
Darlene Burkett             28:27
Ian Fowler                     31:06
John Abrams                  34:31                PB


Sunday 26th

OX5RUN – Blenheim Palace, 5miles

Well done to all the Witney Road Runners who competed in this large fund raising event. There were about 1000 runners all raising money for the Oxford Children’s Hospital.

Congratulations to “The Good Green Glenn team” who were the wininng team – 3/5 were WRR!

Cleevewold 14 mile

Bridgid Briens                2:18:15 3rd VL35

Glade Valley 20 mile Training Run

Jamie Jones                   3:07:45
Heather Smith                3:07:46
Andy Church                  3:07:47

Saturday 24th

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Fraser Howard               19:02
Sarah Green                  21:42
Sally Howard                 22:15
Graham Le Good            22:21
Harriet Howard              23:37
Simon Rhodes                23:53
Louise Rhodes               24:04                PB
Darlene Burkett             28:15
Ian Fowler                     30:46
John Abrams                  35:05                1st Timer

Abingdon Parkrun 5km

Lindsey Smith                21:26                PB

Guilford Parkrun 5km

Sam Upton                    18:08

Bournemouth Parkrun 5km

Lisa Holland                   29:18
John McCormac              29:19

Barnstaple parkrun 5km

Nick Morley                   21:20

Aberystwyth Parkrun 5km

Tom Garrod                   19:26
Lucy Garrod                  21:52

Sunday 19th

Fleet Half Marathon

Davina Miller                 2:06:38             1st half marathon

Banbury 15 mile

Will Downey                  1:46:46
Robert Green                 1:49:04
Paul Ainslie                    1:49:38
Tony Burkett                  1:53:04
Bertie Field                    1:53:07
Bridgid Briens                2:03:03
Lucy Harris                    2:04:10
Lisa Holland                   2:05:59
Jade Hewlett                  2:08:08
Jessica Wright                2:16:21
Nigel Moss                     2:19:32
Tracey Moss                  2:20:12


Forest of Dean Half Marathon

Tony Lock                     1:26:03             3rd MV50
Fraser Howard               1:28:26
Matthew Lock                1:30:32             PB
Joel Floyd                      1:33:03
Craig Gibbon                  1:35:45
Graham Le Good            1:38:26
Lindsey Smith                1:39:46             PB
Sally Howard                 1:42:01
Simon Rhodes                1:51:49
Tom Standard                1:52:23             PB
Louise Rhodes               1:53:37                        
Anne Rouget                  1:59:08             PB by 3 mins
Judith Le Good               1:59:19             3rd FV60
Suzanne Reeve              2:02:48
Paul Rushby                   2:03:36
Simon Martin                 2:03:40
Nicola Henman              2:04:48



Reading Half Marathon

Adam Leary                   1:32:21             Course PB
Linda Wright                  1:47:55


Gloucester 20 mile

Rachel Stanley-Evans     2:49:39
Dan Wymer                   3:05:59

Saturday 18th

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Fraser Howard               20:19
Matthew Lock                21:27
Lindsey Smith                23:34
Harriet Howard              25:43               
Sally Howard                 25:44                   100th Parkrun
Ian Fowler                       31:07
 Tamsyn Wymer             34:07

Abingdon Parkrun 5km

Darlene Burkett             28:41
Tony Burkett                  28:45               
Hannah Makins              41:57                50th Parkrun

Sunday 12th

North London Half Marathon
Regina Lally                   2:07:06   (nice to see a colour picture of a Spurs fan smiling at Wembley)

Silverstone Half Marathon

Will Downey                  1:29:20
Chris Miles                     1:41:02
Lucy Harris                    1:46:11

Surrey Half Marathon

Extremely wet and soggy, quite a flat and fast course but an early start!
Frankie Snare                1:27:50
Sarah Green                  1:32:35

Ridge Oddroader Half Marathon
Bridgid Briens                2:02:33

Finchley 20 mile
Sam Upton                    2:10:53

Saturday 11th

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Fraser Howard               19:32
Graham Le Good            22:05
Lisa Holland                   23:37                PB
Harriet Howard              26:24
Judith Le Good               26:50
John McCormac              27:10                PB
Hannah West                 29:37
Ian Fowler                     30:58

Bicester Parkrun 5km
Regina Lally                   27:56

Abingdon Parkrun 5km
Hannah Makins              43:14

Shakespeare Spring 10km
Tom Garrod                   39:43
Lucy Garrod                  45:46                1st VL45                        3rd Lady overall

                                                                        PB (by 1sec set in 2009)

Sunday 5th

 Thameside 20 mile

Lucy Harris                    2:52:09

Oxford Mail Cross Country, Race 4 Highend

For photos check Barry Cornelius’s website


The good news is than Mens Witney A won Division 2 and are promoted to Division 1 for next season

Gareth Petts                  33:56
Eric Cugnet                    34:05                            3rd U20 Man Overall
Fraser Howard               35:43
Chris Colbeck                 35:44
Matthew Lock                36:46
Graham Ferris               37:21
Joel Floyd                      37:53
Tony Lock                     38:58
Bertie Field                    39:26
Bob Green                     40:10
Dan Wymer                   41:24
Craig Gibbon                  41:37
Graham Le Good            42:27
Jim Whelan                    52:07


Lindsey Smith                34:37
Sally Howard                 36:13
Jessica Wright                37:33
Lisa Holland                   38:00
Kathy Morley                 41:45
Jeanette Ashton            42:28
Judith Le Good               43:59
Anne Rouget                  45:55
Regina Lally                   48:22

Saturday 4th

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Fraser Howard               19:24
James Clark                   19:54                PB
Graham Le Good            22:07
Harriet Howard              26:01
John McCormac              27:30                PB
Darlene Burkett             28:41
Ian Fowler                     31:44

Bicester Parkrun 5km

Sam Upton                    19:18                2nd overall


Sunday 26th

Having not done a 10km race since last year and having not remembered to enter Bourton 10km due to senior moments, we decided that Goring 10km would be a nice little jaunt to get back into racing. After all, Goring is on the Thames so it must be nice and flat, I thought.
After we entered, people started making noises about hills and having encouraged Hannah “I hate f…ing hills” West to enter as well, we were well prepared for the verbal abuse when the race profile was revealed.
Anyway it was a warmish day and no rain so we could face anything. I wasn’t disappointed, the challenging hills gave us spectacular views and I was rewarded with lovely downhills. The course was interesting and varied, car free and well marshalled. The free flapjack, tea and banana at the finish were much appreciated. Even Hannah admitted she enjoyed the race, despite being overtaken by a camel! So the two old WRR ladies would like to recommend it. It’s a shame more WRR members were not there, but having so many races on the same day does mean the club is split.
There were 18 ladies in the Masters (60+) age category and we didn’t disgrace ourselves at 3rd and 9th. There was even a Grand Masters (70+) age category for both men and ladies, so we can’t give up yet, and we are now well prepared for next week’s “undulating” Cross Country.

Goring 10km

Will Downey 43:03
Graham Le Good 45:29 2nd V60
Simon Rhodes 49:39
Louise Rhodes 52:05
Judith Le Good 56:23 3rd VW60
Hannah West 64:42

Bourton-on-the-Water 10km

Gun Time Chip Time
Tony Lock 38:05 38:03 3rd V50
Matthew Lock 39:26 39:21
Stan Charles-Jones 39:47 39:43
Craig Gibbon 40:58 40:49
Brian Moore 41:19 41:10
Toby Clarke 42:00 41:50
Joel Floyd 42:24 42:19
Tony Burkett 42:33 42:24 PB
Rachel Stanley-Evans 43:31 43:26
Lindsey Smith 44:34 44:25
Nick Morley 44:41 44:32
Sarah Morley 48:48 48:35
Lisa Holland 48:53 48:41
Jenny Moore 50:10 49:59
Tracey Moss 50:46 50:33
John McCormac 53:49 53:34
Darlene Burkett 55:35 55:20 1st race for WRR
Regina Lally 56:30 56:15 SB by 2m 45s
Rebecca Floyd 58:26 58:10

The Terminator

Graham Ferris 1:34:27
Robert Green 1:42:18
Andy Church 1:57:58
Jamie Jones 1:57:58
Heather Smith 2:08:42
Paul Rushby 2:21:31

Dash for The Splash 10km – Wimbledon Common XC
Sarah Green 49:36

Two Tunnels 10km – Bath

Tom Garrod 39:45
Lucy Garrod 46:16 1st VL50

Saturday 25h

Oxford Parkrun 5km
Graham Le Good 22:01
Fraser Howard 22:40
Lee-Ann Penaluna 24:05 PB
Harriet Howard 24:16
Ian Fowler 29:30 PB
Tamsyn Wymer 32:14 PB 1st race as WRR and a PB by 1min 10s from her previous Oxford PR

Abingdon Parkrun 5km
Lindsey Smith 22:29 PB

Harcourt Hill Parkrun 5km
Liam Clogger 23:10

Banbury Parkrun 5km

Simon Rhodes 23:42
Louise Rhodes 25:05

Sunday 19th

Bramley 10 mile

Gun Time         Chip Time

Matthew Lock                1:08:12             1:07:32
Brian Moore                   1:13:41             1:12:58
Lindsey Smith                1:17:11             1:14:58

Bramley 20 mile

Graham Ferris                  2:15:22             2:15:11
Will Downey                     2:19:53             2:19:25
Robert Green                    2 :27:45             2:27:13
Adam Leary                       2:30:33             2:30:08
Tony Burkett                     2:32:38             2:32:11
Laura Davies                     2:33:05             2:32:38
Rachel Stanley-Evans     2:34:06             2:33:38
Toby Clarke                      2:34:25             2:34:00
Craig Gibbon                   2:36:36             2:36:10
Bertie Field                      2:37:04             2:36:35
Frankie Snare                  2:40:39             2:40:07
Dan Wymer                     2:51:26             2:49:13
Lucy Harris                     2:51:27             2:50:59
Heather Smith               2:55:48             2:55:17
Jamie Jones                   2:59:20             2:58:48
Andy Church                  2:59:21             2:58:51
Jessica Wright                3:05:42             3:05:13

Saturday 18th

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Tony Lock                     18:12                2nd Overall
Fraser Howard               19:13
Matthew Lock                20:52
Graham Le Good            21:38
Sally Howard                 21:46
Simon Rhodes                23:23
Harriet Howard              24:00
Lee-Ann Penaluna          24:16                PB
Bridgid Briens                24:32
Louise Rhodes               24:37                PB
Judith Le Good               26:17
Emily Howard                27:04
Regina Lally                 27:46
Darlene Burkett             28:10                PB

Sunday 12th

Dursley Dozen

Graham Ferris               1:38:31 2nd V50
Rachel Stanley-Evans  1:53:59 2nd VL40
Toby Clarke                   1:54:00
Andy Church                 2:01:33
Jamie Jones                  2:01:32
Jade Hewlett                2:02:03
Heather Smith             2:17:47
Nigel Moss                   2:40:01
Kim Holtom                2:40:28

Wokingham Half Marathon

Will Downey         1:25:39
Chris Colbeck       1:25:40
Laura Davies        1:30:05
Robert Green       1:30:42
Craig Gibbon       1:31:00 PB
Frankie Snare     1:33:11
Jim Whelan         1:54:54
Paul Rushby        2:01:45
Lyn Hopkins       2:02:56 SB
Vicki Hopkins    2:02:56 1st half marathon
Regina Lally       2:03:15 SB

Slaughters 10km

Lee-Ann Penaluna 50:19

Saturday 11th

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Matthew Lock                18:58
Sally Howard                 21:54
Graham Le Good            21:57
Harriet Howard              23:01
Fraser Howard               23:02
Lee-Ann Penaluna          24:31
Judith Le Good               26:46
Hannah West                 29:54
Ian Fowler                     29:56                PB

Abingdon Parkrun 5km
Lindsey Smith                22:47                PB

Fulham Palace Parkrun 5km

Sarah Green                  19:58                PB
Lucy Harris                    28:08                Post 15m training run

Sunday 5th

Oxfordshire Cross Country League


Jade Hewlett                  30:07    S
Rachel Stanley-Evans     30:44    V1
Frankie Snare                31:22    S
Lindsey Smith                31:25    V1
Jessica Wright                31:49    V1
Lisa Holland                   32:13    V2
Jeanette Ashton             34:45    V3
Cathy Morley                 35:51    V2
Judith Le Good               37:18    V3
Regina Lally                   37:51    V1
Anne Rouget                  38:47    V2


Gareth Petts                  31:51    S
Eric Cugnet                    35:04    U20
Chris Colbeck                 35:18    V1
Tony Lock                     35:44    V2
Graham Ferris               37:11    V1
Matthew Lock                37:28    U20
Bertie Field                    39:47    V1
Craig Gibbon                  40:12    V1
Dan Wymer                   41:30    S
Robert Green                 41:32    V2
Jim Whelan                    48:19    V2

Teams: Round 4:

Ladies A, 6th Div 1:         B, 10th Div 3:     C, 22nd Div 3:    D, 31st Div 3
Mens A, 2nd Div 2:          B, 16th Div 3

Overall: Ladies A, 5/7 in Div 1
Mens A, 1/7 in Div 2


Saturday 4th

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Matthew Lock                19:44
Simon Martin                 22:41                PB
Harriet Howard              23:16
Fraser Howard               23:17
Simon Rhodes                23:18
Lee-Ann Penaluna          24:21                PB
Judith Le Good               27:00
Darlene Burkett             29:35                PB
Ian Fowler                     30:47
John McCormac              31:22

Abingdon Parkrun 5km

Lindsey Smith                23:14


Sunday 29th

Slaughterford 9

A multi-terrain race over 9 miles of steeply undulating countryside, carrying a sting in its tail

Bob Green                         1.14:24
Paul Ainslie                       1:18:04
Rachel Stanley-Evans     1:18:14             2nd VW35

Saturday 28th

Oxford Parkrun 5km
Tony Lock                        19:11
Graham Le Good            21:41
Tony Burkett                  21:55
Simon Rhodes                23:44
Lee-Ann Penaluna        25:32
Judith Le Good             26:18
Hannah West                 30:12
Ian Fowler                      30:43
John McCormac           30:44
Darlene Burkett             30:44                1st timer
Lisa Holland                   30:45

Norwich Parkrun 5km            (600+ runners)
Trevor Jennings             26:19

Harcourt Hill Parkrun 5km
Liam Clogger                 23:61
Jeanette Ashton            26:15

Saturday 21st

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Sam Upton                    20:23                16 mi warmup get there!
Graham Le Good            21:38
Harriet Howard              23:30
Fraser Howard               23:31
Judith Le Good               26:14
Hannah West                 29:37
Ian Fowler                     30:20                PB – 3rd week running!

Abingdon Parkrun 5km
Craig Gibbon                  20:15
Lindsey Smith                23:11

Southampton Parkrun 5km
Simon Martin                 25:50

Sunday 15th January

 Not The Roman Nine (12km)

Chris Colbeck                 45:38
Matthew Lock                47:40
Will Downey                  48:32
Graham Ferris               48:59
Toby Clarke                   50:54
Brian Moore                   51:20
Craig Gibbon                  51:44
Laura Davies                 52:17                2nd FV35
Lindsey Smith                57:54
Jim Whelan                    57:56
Bridgid Briens                58:03
Jenny Moore                  59:34
Lisa Holland                   59:59                PB
John McCormac              68:52
Regina Lally                   70:52
Ian Fowler                     80:41

Saturday 14th

Harcourt Hill Parkrun 5km
Liam Clogger                 22:43

Wimbledon Common Parkrun 5km
Sarah Green                  22:15

Stratford-upon-Avon Parkrun 5km
Sam Upton                    18:12

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Matthew Lock                18:41                PB        2nd Overall
Graham Le Good            21:25
Rachel Stanley-Evans     22:36                Marathon training: 6mi before and 6mi after!
Sally Howard                 23:01
Simon Rhodes                23:13                PB
Lisa Holland                   24:09
Lee-Ann Penaluna          25:12                PB
Lucy Harris                    26:12                Marathon training: 6mi before and 6mi after!
Judith Le Good               26:12
John McCormac              27:41
Regina Lally                   28:00
Ian Fowler                     31:10                PB

Sunday 8th January


Rough n Tumble

Tom Garrod                   1:24:16
Lucy Garrod                  1:36:01
Bridgid Briens              1:39:59

Naunton 19 mile

Graham Ferris              2.20:00             PB
Andy Church                 2.52:00             PB
Jamie Jones                  3.03:00             PB
Heather Smith              3.18:00             PB
Paul Rushby                  3.48:00

Saturday 7th January

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Fraser Howard              19:56
Matthew Lock                20:22
Sally Howard                 22:07
Simon Martin                24:14
Simon Rhodes               24:31
Lee-Ann Penaluna        26:37

Abingdon Parkrun 5km

Craig Gibbon                  21:34
Lindsey Smith                23:54

Wimbledon Common Parkrun 5km

Simon Le Good             19:58
Sarah Green                  22:19
Graham Le Good         22:23
Judith Le Good             27:25

Oxfordshire Cross Country Championships, Stowe


Eric Cugnet                    32:39                U20 County Bronze
Chris Colbeck


Frankie Snare
Rachel Stanley-Evans     38:05
Jade Hewlett
Jessica Wright
Jeanette Ashton

Sunday 1st January 2017

Bicester Parkrun (9am) 5km

Tony Lock 18:24
Matthew Lock 19:01 SM18-19 Course Record
Fraser Howard 19:11
Dan Wymer 21:59

Oxford Parkrun (10:30am) 5km

Tony Lock 18:52 3rd
Matthew Lock 19:22 PB
Fraser Howard 19:46
Sally Howard 21:41
Graham Le Good 21:44
Brian Moore 22:00 1st timer
Dan Wymer 22:24
Bridgid Briens 23:57 1st timer
Harriet Howard 25:44
Judith Le Good 26:28
Ian Fowler 31:34 1st timer
Lisa Holland
John McCormac

Wimbledon Common Parkrun (9am) 5km
Simon Le Good 19:43

Fulham Palace Parkrun (10:30am) 5km

Simon Le Good 19:40
Sarah Green 21:04

Very well done to Matthew, Fraser, Dan and Simon who completed three Parkruns over the weekend and to Tony who ran the double on Sunday.


Saturday 31st December

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Fraser Howard 19:29
Matthew Lock 19:58
Cathy Morley 21:07
Sally Howard 21:58
Dan Wymer 22:21
Lucy Harris 24:07
Sarah Morley 25:09
Nick Morley 25:24

Abingdon Parkrun 5km
Jeanette Ashton 25:44

Hazlehead, Aberdeen, Parkrun 5km
Simon Le Good 19:58
Saturday 24th December

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Matthew Lock 19:37
Simon Le Good 19:53
Fraser Howard 20:04
Cathy Morley 22:03
James Field 22:06
Dan Wymer 22:12
Graham Le Good 22:20
Sally Howard 22:32
Sarah Green 23:06
Nick Morley 23:38
Simon Rhodes 25:47
Harriet Howard 28:03
Regina Lally 29:12
Emily Howard 30:13
Jacqui Gamage 30:53
Hannah West 30:55 50th Parkrun
Judith Le Good 30:58
Morgan Downey 35:12
Will Downey 35:13
John Abrams

Abingdon Parkrun 5km
Jeanette Ashton 26:14

Saturday 17th December

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Fraser Howard 19:57
Will Downey 20:43
Toby Clarke 20:56
Bertie Field 21:18
Tony Burkett 21:25 1st timer
Craig Gibbon 21:31 1st timer
Graham Le Good 21:32
Sally Howard 22:03
Rachel Stanley-Evans 24:16
Nick Morley 24:17
Judith Le Good 26:42
Harriet Howard 27:41
Emily Howard 29:48

Abingdon Parkrun 5km

Tony Lock 18:45
Matthew Lock 19:42

Banbury Parkrun 5km
Simon Rhodes 24:14

Rushcliffe Parkrun 5km
Nick Dalton 20:56

Sunday 18th December

Hooky Christmas Canter

Sally Howard 54:36
Bridgid Briens 55:16

Sunday 11th December

Andy Reading 10km

Chris Colbeck 36:40
Simon Rhodes 48:57 PB
Jacqui Gamage 54:29
Hannah West 60:59

Torre-Pacheco Half Marathon
Simon Covell 1:28:53

Saturday 10th December

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Graham Le Good 21:26
Judith Le Good 26:32
Hannah West 30:05

Hastings Parkrun 5km
Simon Le Good 19:32

Fulham Palace Parkrun 5km
Sarah Green 21:19

Banbury Parkrun 5km
Trevor Jennings 26:15

Sunday 4th December

Oxford Mail XC, Race 2: Adderbury

Laura Davies 28:54
Sally Howard 31:29
Jade Hewlett 31:53
Jessica Wright 34:29
Lisa Holland 34:33
Lindsey Smith 34:56
Jeanette Ashton 35:59
Judith Le Good 37:41
Harriet Noons 38:38
Cathy Morley 39:53
Anne Rouget 40:24

Freddie Shires 31:18
Gareth Petts 31:22
Chris Colbeck 32:34
Eric Cugnet 32:44
Fraser Howard 33:05
Matthew Lock 34:38
Graham Ferris 35:05
Joel Floyd 35:09
Stan Charles-Jones 35:24
Adam Leary 37:45
Dan Wymer 38:03
Bob Green 38:10
Craig Gibbon 38:54
Graham Le Good 38:54
Tony Burkett 40:38
Keith Morgan 45:40

Saturday 3rd December

Oxford Parkrun 5km
Graham Le Good 21:20
Simon Rhodes 23:51
Judith Le Good 27:12

Brockwell Parkrun 5km
Simon Le Good 20:03
Sarah Green 21:47

Abingdon Parkrun 5km
Nick Dalton 20:49
Madie Paterson 34:28


Sunday 27th November

Eynsham 10km

Saturday 26th November

Oxford Parkrun 5km
Graham Le Good 21:33
Sally Howard 21:36
Will Downey 24:32
Judith Le Good 27:39
Hannah West 29:55

Fulham Palace Parkrun 5km
Sarah Green 22:44

Saturday 12th November

The Autumn Shakespeare Runs
Andy Church 3:26:11 PB
Jamie Jones 4:01:50
Laura Jones 4:01:50

Half marathon
Dan Wymer 1:39:52 PB

Saturday 5th November

Oxford Parkrun 5km
Sam Upton 18:22
Fraser Howard 20:01
Will Downey 21:27
Graham Le Good 22:11
Judith Le Good 27:45

Barnstaple Parkrun 5km
Sarah Green 21:32

Abingdon Parkrun 5km
Hannah Makins 43:46

Banbury Parkrun 5km
Trevor Jennings 25:38

Chichester Parkrun 5km
Joe Godwood 20:28

Sunday 6th November

Oxford Mail Cross Country Race 1: Newbury

15 Freddie Shires 33:17 S
32 Gareth Petts 34:19 S
49 Tony Lock 35:04 V2
66 Chris Colbeck 35:57 V1
72 Eric Cugnet 36:05 U20
78 Fraser Howard 36:19 V1
100 Stan Charles-Jones 37:13 S
104 Matthew Lock 37:16 S
111 Graham Ferris 37:46 V1
114 Joel Floyd 37:49 S
138 Adam Leary 38:32 S
141 Nick Moglia 38:41 V2
145 Bertie Field 38:53 V1
168 Robert Green 39:49 V2
n/a Craig Gibbon 40:55
199 Dan Wymer 40:57 S
201 Graham Le Good 41:05 V3
239 Jim Whelan 42:59 V2

Craig is not listed in the provisional results!
19 Frankie Snare 28:26 S
34 Sally Howard 29:17 V1
36 Rachel Stanley-Evans 29:25 V1
54 Jade Hewlett 30:35 S
72 Jessica Wright 31:50 V1
77 Ohema Powell 32:01 U20
87 Lisa Holland 32:19 V2
98 Lindsey Smith 33:15 V1
104 Jeanette Ashton 33:39 V3
138 Bev Anderson 36:26 V2
143 Cathy Morley 36:43 V2
146 Judith Le Good 36:53 V3
156 Anne Rouget 39:31 V2

Team Results
Mens A Div 2 2nd
Mens B Div 3 5th
7 to count for each team

Ladies A Div 1 5th
Ladies B Div 3 8th
Ladies C Div 3 15th
Ladies D Div 3 33rd
3 to count for each team


Saturday 29th October

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Graham Le Good            20:49
Will Downey               24:17

Fulham Palace Parkrun 5km

Sarah Green                  20:19                PB

Tring Parkrun 5km

Fraser Howard               20:11
Sally Howard                23:58
Harriet Howard              28:24
Emily Howard                30:51

Banbury Parkrun 5km

Trevor Jennings             25:57

Bournemouth Parkrun 5km

Kevin Hennessy             20:26

Mile End Parkrun 5km

Dan Wymer                   21:54

Hastings Parkrun 5km

Hannah West & Doris     30:53


This Marathon brings down the curtain on British Summertime, and the tourist season in North Wales. Llanberis is packed with the running community running around the mountain, and tourists eager to walk or take the train to the summit of this popular peak.

The Marathon entries open at 00.01 on New Years Day, and this year was full in just 12 hours! Thats 2500 entries!


If you didn’t already realise, this is one of the toughest marathons around, not just because of the amount of climb involved, but because the weather can be so unpredictable. A cold, wet windy North Wales is a pretty inhospitable place, add to that the famous “Welsh Wall” at 22 miles, and you have a pretty tough challenge!!

The race has been around since 1982, and WRR have been represented every year since 1986.

This year we had 10 club members take on the challenge, with a good mixture of first timers, and returners who should know better!

This was Lyn Hopkins’ 13th Snowdon Marathon. For 7 of our team, this was their first.

The morning dawned wet, cool and very misty….surprised? No, neither were we! Tony Burkett had a really bad cold and likened it to “having a grease gun shoved up my dose”.

I took some supporters and saw the runners over Pen-Y-Pass at 5 miles. Everyone looked great at this stage. Nick Dalton was first over, with a group of 5 (Toby, Laura, Tony, Brian and Michael) hot on his heels. Then came Anne, followed by Lyn and Regina.

The course gets very congested in Beddgelert, roughly the half way stage, so I waited for the Llanberis Pass to reopen, then followed the route in reverse until the 18 mile mark, where we waited, music blaring from the car, to again see everyone past.

Tony, despite his heavy grease gun nose, looked terrific and had pulled away, opening up an 8 minute lead over Laura by 23 miles, as they entered the dreaded “Welsh Wall” final section. Only 13 minutes separated Laura and Toby, although this represented 270 runners in between them!

I didn’t see them at this stage, as I was dutifully supporting Lyn and Regina.

Once L&R had passed the 18 mile mark, we followed the route, cheering them every mile or so to 23 miles, when we left them to slog over the final hill. I then walked back up to 25 miles and witnessed the runners enjoying the dreaded, leg sapping final descent into Llanberis.

I have to say I am so full of admiration for every single one of these runners that meet the challenge head on, and finish this magnificent marathon.

I was particularly proud of the 10 runners wearing the Witney Colours.

A “Massive Respect” to every single one of you!!

The meal at The Heights restaurant was just brilliant with 25 Witney Roadrunners and supporters reliving the days experience. The banter was entertaining, Tony B won the prize for nearest his predicted time…just one minute out, and Lyn, Tony Burke from Alchester and Sharon Moore won the fiendishly difficult Welsh Quiz. Most enterprising approach goes to Madie Paterson, who disappeared with her quiz sheet only to be found in the bar with a group of Welsh people, picking their brains. Needless to say, it didn’t take long, and she didn’t win…Ha!

Hopefully we will be back again in force next year for the 35th running of The Snowdonia Marathon!

More details will follow regarding entering, but you will need to be quick off the mark!

Tony Burkett                  3:48:48              1st Snowdon  397th
Laura Davies                 3:54:53                1st Snowdon 492nd
Brian Moore                   3:57:50               1st Snowdon 541st
Nick Dalton                   4:04:42                1st Snowdon 665th
Michael Caldecott        4:10:24                1st Snowdon 755th
Toby Clarke                   4:15:55                 1st Snowdon 857th
Anne Rouget                 5:09:12                                       1636th
Regina Lally                  5:31:48                1st Snowdon 1846th
Lyn Hopkins                  5:31:49                                       1847th
Kate Webb                      5:54:16

More details will follow regarding entering, but you will need to be quick off the mark!

2064 finishers
Winner 2.35.05
1st lady 3.03.53

Tony Burkett crossed Pen-Y-Pass in 635th, so overtook 238 runners! Tony, you ran a superb tactical race !

Sunday 23rd October

Blenheim Rotary 10km

Adam Leary                   40:57                PB
Nick Moglia                    41:46
Chris Miles                     45:25
Simon Rhodes                50:38

Stroud Half Marathon

Tom Garrod                   1:26:24

Abingdon Marathon

A massive massive thank you to all the people who came out to support the WRR today, it was such a massive boost to get us all round.

Graham Ferris               3.05.51
Simon Le Good              3.20.41
Andy Church                  3.30.55
Bob Green                     3.39.25
Jamie Jones                   3.49.29
Heather Smith                3.52.42
Lisa Holland                   3.55.00             1st Marathon
Laura Jones                   4.01.04
Kirsty Davies                 4.01.15
Ieva Smith                     4.01.15

Saturday 22nd October

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Graham Le Good            21:39
Judith Le Good               27:45
Hannah West                 30:53

Wimbledon Common Parkrun 5km
Sarah Green                  21:06

Wimpole Estate Parkrun 5km

Fraser Howard               20:28
Harriet Howard              26:37
Sally Howard                 26:42
Emily Howard                29:17

Erddig Parkrun 5km
Sam Upton                    18:38

Sunday 16th October

Frieth Hill 10km

Chris Colbeck
Graham Ferris
Robert Green
Jim Whelan
John McCormac

Race Report!

“Flat is boring” well it isn’t flat and certainly not boring. Forget what time you will do this is a great little event.(even if like me you don’t like hills or cross country.)
Really well organised with happy smiling marshals, some superb views, a great run through 3 km of woods and a few ? ups and downs! It had a good mixture of road and track and yes the school choir singing at 7 km!
Not to be missed and a definite for next year, if only they would move that killer hill at the end.

New Forest Stinger 10miles
Brigid Briens                  1:25:16

Bedford Autodrome Duathlon, EU Qualifier Event (5km run, 20km bike, 2.5km run)
Graham Le Good            1:10:09             (18:57, 36:59, 11:51)

Saturday 15th October

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Fraser Howard               19:14
Graham Le Good            21:03
Richard Redford             23:51
Tom Standard                24:35                PB

Wimbledon Common Parkrun 5km
Simon Le Good              20:05

Sherwood Pines Parkrun 5km

Jacqui Gamage              27:16                First Parkrun
Judith Le Good               27:27
Sharon Christie              27:39                First Parkrun
Hannah West                 31:20

Worthing Parkrun 5km
Sam Upton                    18:08                2nd Overall

Sunday 8th October

Oxford Half Marathon

Freddie Shires                1:16:30
Tom Garrod                   1:24:30
Chris Colbeck                 1:27:09
Frankie Snare                1:28:45
Fraser Howard               1:31:48
Bertie Field                    1:32:24             PB        By 5 mins!
Chris Hazell                   1:35:11
Dan Wymer                   1:41:25
Pete McKibbin              1:37:41
Tony Burkett                 1:43:51
Lucy Garrod                  1:43:57
Richard Redford           1:45:06
Gail Bell                          1:49:40
Jessica Wright               1:53:16             PB
Will Downey                  1:59:59             Official 2 hr pacer – can’t get closer than that!
Kim Holtom                   2:03:45
Ian Fowler                      2.12.17

Henley 10km

Brian Moore                   46:19
Lisa Holland                   52:32
John McCormac            58:10

Henley 10km Report

Well won’t be doing this race again !……..
After 2 km a hill steeper than the Witney 10 and lasting for 1.5 miles! You know I love hills! And the run was clocked at 6.57 miles, I think the route was wrong at the end.
The race organiser allowed children of 6 and 7 to run in a 10 km race up the steepest hill on a hot day and a rubbish goody bag for £25.00  – Grumpy Chairman.

Henley Half Marathon

Simon Rhodes                1:50:07             First half marathon

Yorkshire Marathon

Adam Leary                   3:19:05             First Marathon

Saturday 7th October

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Tony Lock                     18:26                3rd overall
Matthew Lock              19:57                1st timer
Graham Le Good         21:19
Sally Howard                23:31
Harriet Howard           25:32

Sunday 2nd October

Hanney 5 mile

Tony Lock                     29:31                County 2nd V50               County 3rdTeam
Matthew Lock                32:41                                                    County 3rdTeam
Bertie Field                    33:06                                                    County 3rdTeam
Paul Ainslie                    33:23
Graham Le Good            34:17                County 1st V60
Rachel Stanley-Evans     34:32                2nd Lady
Jim Whelan                    35:52                SB by 4 mins!
Charlie Stanley-Evans     36:38
Nigel Moss                     39:05
Simon Rhodes                39:21
Judith Le Good               43:45
Sharon Christie              44:01
John Abrams                  56:33

Blenheim Half Marathon

Simon Le Good              1:29:43
Nick Dalton                   1:39:31
Michael Caldecott           1:41:46
Sally Howard                 1:42:07
Craig Gibbon                  1:44:28

Cricklade Half Marathon

Will Downey                  1:28:49
Toby Clarke                   1:35:01
Robert Green                 1:35:46
Lucy Harris                    1:43:51             PB
Bridgid Briens                1:48:14

Cricklade 10km

Chris Colbeck                 38.13
Andy Church                  45.01…………after a 20 mile training run on Saturday
Jade Hewitt                   48.26
Jamie Jones                   49.50…………after a 20 mile training run on Saturday
Heather Smith                50.42…………after a 20 mile training run on Saturday
Laura Jones                   51.13

Saturday 1st October

Fulham Palace Parkrun 5km

Simon Le Good              19:06

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Dan Wymer                   21:03                PB
Graham Le Good            21:10
Sally Howard                 22:36
Simon Martin                 26:39
Judith Le Good               27:15


Sunday 25th September

Forest of Dean           

Six members of WRR headed off to the Forest of Dean on Sunday, five to do the trail half marathon and one to do the trail 5k. The half saw Rick Parsons dust off his racing shoes for the first time in six years and saw him come home in a creditable 1h40m08s. Tom Garrod was first WRR home and in the 5k Matthew Lock took victory in a time of 19m26s.

Half Marathon

21         Tom Garrod                   1:29:23             3rd Team
34         Joel Floyd                      1:33:37             3rd Team
85         Tony Lock                     1:39:54             3rd Team
87         Rick Parsons                  1:40:08
164       Lucy Garrod                  1:46:45


1st Overall Matthew Lock            19:26

Hever Castle Triathlon

The Gauntlet,     Swim 1.9km, Cycle 90km, Run 21km
Sarah Green                  6:25:56             (38:46, 3:53:30, 1:46:38)

The Hever.        Swim 1.5km, Cycle 40km, Run 10km
Graham Le Good            2:54:30             (30:26, 1:27:02, 52:28)  1st V60

Saturday 24th September

Fulham Palace Parkrun 5km

Simon Le Good              19:35

Woodstock 12 mile

Chris Colbeck                 82:58
Graham Ferris               88:34
Robert Green                 92:31
Sally Howard                 95:02
Tony Burkett                  96:04
Lucy Harris                    96:52                1st VL45
Jim Whelan                    96:57                PB by 3 mins, set 3 years ago
Toby Clarke                   98:31
Laura Jones                   102:32
Jamie Jones                   102:32
Richard Walker              102:32
Bridgid Briens                104:39
Lisa Holland                   107:03
Heather Smith                107:08
Jessica Wright                107:29
Jenny Moore                  110:00
Tracey Moss                  113:35

Carterton Triathlon

Standard, Swim, 1.5km, Cycle 40km, Run 10km
Nick Dalton                    2:36:49             (29:47, 1:21:57, 44:24)

Sprint, Swim, 400m, Cycle 20km, Run 5km
Richard Redford             1:10:29             (9:39, 36:19, 23:19)
Darren Grayson             1:10:35             (10:17, 35:39, 23:16)
Anita Caddy                   1:26:33             (10:24, 46:20. 28:25)
Madie Paterson              1:34:41             (9:19, 46:36, 36:34)

Cirencester Park 10km

Will Downey                  40:35
Nick Moglia                    41:36
Bertie Field                    42:55
Rachel Stanley Evans      44:40
Nigel Moss                     49:51
Simon Rhodes                50:14

Bristol Half Marathon

Laura Davies                 1:38:05

Cheltenham Half Marathon

Sam Upton                    1:23:09             PB

Sunday 18th September

Wychwood Brewery Witney Cotswold Classic

Fraser Howard               1:05:51
Frankie Snare                1:07:59
Nick Moglia                    1:10:57
Kevin Hennessy             1:13:31
Dan Wymer                   1:16:11
Jim Whelan                    1:21:01
Kate Webb                    1:37:21
Neil Moglione                 1:40:10

Saturday 17th September

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Sally Howard                 22:01
Harriet Howard              25:31
Simon Martin                 26:17

Fell Foot, Newby Bridge Parkrun 5km

Sam Upton                    18:44

Tuesday 13th September

WRR One Mile Challenge – New Yatt Road

A small turnout this week for the OMC, but well done to those that took part. The run was from The Kings School, the down hill version, (everyones favourite), so some impressive results, four PBs, but I don’t want to give too much away at this stage

Matthew Lock                5.02
Tony Lock                     5.17
Dave Brackston             5.24
Toby Clarke                   5.45
Chris Ellis                      5.47
Laura Davies                 6.07
Jade Hewlett                  6.40
Ohema Powell                7.01
Jacqui Gamage              7.09
Tom Standard                7.18
Trevor Jennings             7.25
Ann Rouget                    8.06
Hannah West                 8.25
Ian Fowler                     8.45

Sunday 11th September

Bournemouth Olympic Triathlon        Swim 1500m, Bike 40km, Run 10km)
Tony Burkett                  2:44:52 (Swim 31:37, Bike 1:18:26, Run 47:21)

Oldbury Power 10 Miler

Sold as a ‘fast, flat road race’ starting and finishing at Oldbury Power Station…. Paul was keen to do a 10 mile race and throw in a power station it was a done deal.

Not too far from Witney, should have been an hour and 20 minutes’ drive but add 15 minutes if you follow sat nav and execute a last minute right turn only to find you are on a single track road for 4 miles…. still we did get a preview of some of the course…. which was indeed fast and flat on quiet rural        roads.

Nice friendly race, well-marshalled but no post-race memento or goodies…. only water at the finish (not even a bottle!) and the only food for sale was from a greasy burger-type van. Maybe some compensation was seeing a bronze medal from Rio as Sally Conway (judo) was presenting the prizes.

Paul Ainslie                    1.10.52
Sharon Christie              1.32.50

Saturday 10th September

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Fraser Howard               19:27

Aberystwyth Parkrun 5km

Tom Garrod                   19:03
Lucy Garrod                  22:53


Tuesday 30th August

 WRR One Mile Challenge – Jubilee Way

Matthew Lock                  5.12
Stan Charles-Jones         5.35
Ed Kay                               5.39
Tony Burkett                    5.57
Laura Davies                   6.05
Graham Le Good            6.07
Nick Smith                       6.29
Ohema Powell                 6.53
Richard Layburn            6.55
Tom Standard                 7.00
Jacqui Gamage               7.16
Sharon Christie              7.48
Judith Le Good              8.05
Ann Rouget                    8.24
Hannah West                8.30
Ian Fowler                     8.47


The next one will be in a couple of weeks, watch the newsletter for details, it will be held at the Kings School on the New Yatt Road.


Sunday 28th August

Headington 5 mile – Results not available, these are from Strava

Will Downey                  31:54
Matthew Lock                32:21
Paul Ainslie                    33:10
Rachel Stanley-Evans     35:44
Chis Miles                      35:56

Worthing Standard Triathlon – EU Qualifier for Team GB 2017

Swim: 1500m, Bike 40km, Run 10km. Very windy and rough seas – interesting!

Frankie Snare                2:32:51             (24:37, 1:25:04, 40:38)
Graham Le Good            2:35:53             (26:33, 1:22:34, 44:30)

Guernsey Marathon

Tony Lock was 2nd V50 at the Guernsey Marathon today in a time of 3h12m55s.

The course runs along the coast of the island and is stunning in many places. Also the second half only has one small uphill. If you’re looking for a holiday and a marathon combo this is an excellent choice. There is also a two person half marathon relay or a five person relay option if you don’t fancy the full 26.2.

Saturday 27th August

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Fraser Howard               18:49                3rd
Richard Redford             22:54
Simon Rhodes                24:17
Emily Howard                28:47

Tooting Common Parkrun 5km

Simon Le Good              31:51

Sunday 21st August

Cotswold Classic Triathlon/Half Ironman     (Swim 1.2mi, Bike 56mi, Run 13.1 mi)

Fraser Howard               5:35:59             (36:14, 3:01:08, 1:52:44)

Saturday 20th

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Emily Howard                28:59

Abingdon Parkrun 5km

Hannah Makins              Volunteer tail Runner

Stratford-upon-Avon Parkrun 5km

A 3 lap course that is very flat, several sharp turns and narrow on the startline. Quite pleasant and scenic along the River Avon opposite the town, potential PB course.

Simon Le Good              19:22
Sarah Green                  21:16
Graham Le Good            21:26
Judith Le Good               27:52

Quarry Challenge (10k) at Race The Train

Harriet-Rose Noons        65:39

Sunday 14th August

Bearbrook 10km

Paul Ainslie                    43:36
Andy Church                  44:35
Jade Hewlett                  47:38
Heather Smith                51:28
Sharon Christie              55:08

Tewksbury/Bredon Hardwick Sprint Triathlon (750m, 24km, 5km)

Graham Le Good            1:25:05             (13:50. 46:26, 21:29)
Tony Burkett                   1:37:39             (19:16, 50:14, 23:01)

Burnham Beeches half Marathon

Adam Leary                   1:34:04

Standish Woodland Chase, near Stroud 9.3 miles off-road

Tom Garrod                   1:08:04             3rd VM40
Lucy Garrod                  1:22:23

Salisbury 5-4-3-2-1 Trail Marathon 50km, result and report!

Will Downey                  5:13:13

So from June 2014 I enjoyed a good 18 months of running and decided in January this year I needed a challenge to test my physical limits. I narrowed it down to two choices – Boxing or running an ultra-marathon…it turns out you don’t get a T-shirt or a banana at the end of a boxing match so I decided to go for the ultra-Marathon instead. The choice – Salisbury 54321 50km trail marathon (32ish miles so not as hardcore as Mr Church’s 42 mile effort in June).


From January to April the focus was getting ready for London Marathon so the training wasn’t anything different to what I was use too – The fun started after London. So 4 weeks after London I had Kent Marathon booked – 20 or 21 (I can’t remember) laps round a cycle track. So in the space of 4 weeks after London, I had to rest/recover, build up, taper and run another Marathon. I managed to convince Aukje to join me on the day for the marathon and we set off at 5am to run round in circles for over 3hrs. After I completed the marathon, I decided voluntarily to run an additional lap so I joined Aujke on her final lap of the race – My total at the end of the day was 27.4 miles. On a side note for those of you who think an outdoor cycle track is flat – it is not!

We now enter June for the next part of my master plan. 3 weeks to recover and build up again in preparation for the Ridgeway relay I managed to rope Mr Ferris into my training pan this time round and we set out to do leg 1 and leg 2 totaling 16 miles…I thought to myself – 16 miles is not really long enough for a weekend run at this point…So on the Saturday I set out to do the park run….And then I ran Cumnor 5k in the evening. Now I was ready for my run on the Ridgeway the next day. I have to say by the start of leg 2 I had nothing left – One of the hardest 6 miles I had to run to date. I got home and I didn’t know what to do with myself. First – I was hungry , tired and dirty – I contemplated eating a bacon sandwich in the shower with my eyes closed so I could deal with all 3 emotions at the same time but decided against it in the end.

I decided to adapt my training for a while and allow myself time to recover and focus more on my core training. I built up a routine now of running to the gym, spending an hour cross training in addition to 30 mins speedwork on the treadmill and then running back home. The run back home was particular exhausting climbing Curbridge road after a grueling session which was good as it help replicate how I will be on race day running on tired legs.

July comes and as much as I enjoyed my gym and treadmill routine I knew I had to get back outside and put in the miles. I found myself running twice a day on most Sundays (Race in the morning, get home and do my ironing and then go out again in the afternoon). I had two marathons under my belt already but I knew I had to hit another long run…The date was set – Sunday 17th July…But I couldn’t just be happy banging out another long run – I decided to run Hornton 6 on the Saturday evening. 6 miles done and in less then 12hrs time I was setting off for my final long run. Early start on the Sunday with Fantastic support on the day from Lucy Harris and Laura Davies who ran with me for the first half and then Toby Clarke, Bertie and Graham Ferris running with me for the second half – 27 miles ran ticked and the training complete (My time for this 27 mile training run was 10 minutes quicker then my 2014 Marathon race time #JustSaying)

I had now reached the peak of my training and the tapering could start. But this is me we are talking about and it wont be an easy taper. I still had a few “crazy” runs left in me and decided to get Toby involved for the next one. We drove to Botley and ran to Oxford Park Run / Ran the Park Run and then ran back to Botley – 13 miles with a good speed session in between..Deep down I knew Toby appreciated the training session even if his words and physical appearance said otherwise. Unfortunately Toby was away the second time I decided to do this run again but I understand he is back now and training for Snowdon so I’ll be dropping him an email shortly.

226 days into the year and my mileage count leading into the Ultra for the year to date was 1255 miles made up from 217 separate runs – My god I need to get a new hobby

Before we conclude the training section I would have to give a special mention for The hardest training day leading into the race which was Friday 5th August – Countryfile Live at Blenheim Palace with the whole family…This was both physically and mentally tough – We walked a total of 7 miles on that day and it wasn’t only the kids running off – I had to contend with my dad (Who has no mobile phone) wondering off and doing his own thing as well. I was on my feet for total of 11hrs before we started to make our way to go back to the car park…But then the kids spot the archery section…I just needed to get home at this point so I used the old trick – “Sorry we have run out of money” but it was free!!! Free!! The only thing in the whole show which was free! Just with car park in sight and the nightmare ending I had to spend another half an hour waiting for them to get a bow and arrow and pray to god they didn’t fire it at the duck in the lake or the pug walking over the bridge. 7 miles, nearly 12hrs on my feet and stress levels through the roof…After this day I knew I could handle the Ultra.


The bit you have all been waiting for – The race started at 9.30am…The build up and anticipation was nerve whacking especially as the weather looked as though it was going to be hot without a cloud in the sky – I knew it was going to be tough one. I set off to a good start, first mile completed in 7.30mins – Too fast but I am sure I can slow this down naturally throughout the rest of the race. 3 miles in and I was treated to a bit of downhill which was very welcomed at that point. Shortly after the generous downhill we were back on the trail with a bit of climb. It was only 5 miles in so I could handle it. As I conquered the hill I saw in the distance a dog walker – She had a little jack Russell puppy. This dog clocked me and started running towards me, tail wagging. No idea why but he was putting his heart and soul in getting to me – I thought with the effort he put in, ill give him a quick belly rub. But then no sooner had a come to me, he then spun around and ran back to his owner – Yep I had just been mugged off by a little dog and I went back to concentrating on the race and ignoring all future dogs, cows and any other animal I come across.

10 miles in and I was running a good average pace of just over 8 minutes per mile. I made a concerted effort to stop at every water station which was working so far. 14 miles in and still looking good, nearly at the half way point.

Unfortunately just after mile 15 disaster struck. Heatstroke took over, no sooner had I taking a cup of water I was throwing it back up. I stop, composed myself and yep threw up again. Not a good sign and from experience I knew I was in trouble. I pushed on with a run/walk strategy to try and get me to mile 20 – I figured if I can get to 20 miles, a gentle 10’ish miles to the finish will be alright and doable. I made it and pushed on but at this point mile 21-23 probably had the longest climb known to man – I didn’t care at this point and walked the majority of the climb.

I was in a dangerous position now, not being able to retain any water and I had actually stopped sweating so I was seriously dehydrated. I made the decision to pull out at the next drink station.

I approached the drink station and could see it was manned by a group of men in short sleeve leather jackets and tattoos. My initial thought – They must be bikers – as I got closer I could see a few Harley Davidsons but no car in sight – Yep I was correct.  I said I wanted to drop out and be taken back to the finish – They laughed and said they could put me on the handle bars. I didn’t laugh. I sat down, had a few zips of water and proceeded to throw up another 5/6 times. They then offered to call someone with a car to take me back.  I figured the fact the was no car here to begin with and that it would probably be 30 minutes for the car to get me and take me back as a sign to push on.

I managed to run in half mile burst and then walk to keep going. Every water station I got to I asked how much further – Hoping beyond hope that the advertised 50km race might actually be 49.2km or shorter. I got the final water stop at mile 30. He had his rubbish bag on a camping chair which got thrown off and decided to have a rest. He didn’t look impressed. I didn’t care.

The end was near – 2’ish miles. It’s not even a park run. I could do this. I got up and proceeded to run. My plan was not to stop and just get through….What felt like the longest 1.3 miles, the marshal said “Cross the road and turn left, you can see the finish, that’s how close you are” Get in there, just a little bit longer and my god she was not lying – I could see the finish.

I cross the line and got my medal and T-shirt. Let’s face it that’s what its all about. Aujke had ran the 30k on the day and put in a good effort…She asked me if I wanted any food – My response “Get me the biggest Mr Whippy Ice cream they have”.

So 50k Ultra done and a tick in the box. I was happy with the training but you can never account for the day – The heat destroyed me which on reflection probably held me back a good hour. I had to dig deep to finish and could have quite easily pulled out at any stage after 15 miles. I don’t actually like running in the heat or cross country so why on earth I decided to run 50K in the middle of August I don’t know. The course itself was good and not too challenge and I would recommend maybe the 10k or half marathon as a league race.

As for me now, I plan to basically eat everything in sight put my feet up for the rest of the day.

Saturday 13th

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Fraser Howard               19:06
Graham Le Good            21:07
Sally Howard                  21:34
Judith Le Good              28:27
Emily Howard                30:45

Banbury Parkrun 5km

Trevor Jennings             26:03                3rd V65

Sunday 7th August

Hooky 6 mile

Chris Colbeck                   38:11
Matthew Lock                  39:54
Tony Lock                        40:25
Robert Green                   43:06
Paul Ainslie                      43:06
Rachel Stanley-Evans     43:22                3rd VL35
Lucy Harris                       44:17                1st VL45
Brian Moore                     44:49
Chris Miles                       44:54
Jim Whelan                      47:19
John McCormac              48:44
Jenny More                      49:27
Lisa Holland                    51:51
Nigel Moss                       53:07
Sharon Christie              54:02
Ian Fowler                      62:33

Saturday 6th

 Oxford Parkrun 5km

Will Downey                  20:47                (Plus 6 mile warm up & warm down).
Graham Le Good           21:13
Sally Howard                 21:53
Simon Rhodes               24:34
Harriet Howard            25:52
Emily Howard               31:57

Aberystwyth Parkrun 5km

Tom Garrod                   18:46                3rd

Fulham PalaceParkrun 5km

Simon Le Good             19:58
Sarah Green                  20:57

Sunset Park 5km, Las Vegas

Fraser Howard               19:09                4th overall. 2nd V40

Thursday 4th August

Motavation Race 4

Tony     Lock                 25.32
Chris     Colbeck            26.15
Graham Ferris               26.37
Matthew Lock                27.33
Adam    Leary                  28.14
James   Field                    28.33
Robert   Green                  29.1
Laura    Davis                    29.15
Graham Le Good              29.20
Dan      Wymer                   29.33
Rachel   Stanley-Evans    30.18
Andy     Church                  30.3
Jade      Hewlett                 31.11
Billy      Rendell                 31.19
Tony     Burkett                 31.25
Richard Redford               31.59
Colin     Morris                  32.03
Jamie    Jones                   32.28
Laura    Jones                   33.40
Gloria    Rayner                33.42
Ohema  Powell                 33.49
Bridgid  Briens                 34.45
Jenny    Moore                 34.46
Harriet  Noons                 35.18
Nigel     Moss                    35.25
Tracey  Moss                    37.15
Sharon  Christie              37.33
John      McCormac        37.47
Regina  Lally                   39.54
Anne     Rouget               41.15




Saturday 30th July

 Oxford Parkrun 5km

Fraser Howard               19:16
Bertie Field                    19:56                PB
Toby Clarke                   20:03
Lucy Garrod                  22:47                PB
Simon Rhodes               24:47


Bicester Parkrun 5km

Dan Wymer                   21:00                PB

Swindon Parkrun 5km

Becky Mould                  26:10

Thursday 28th July


Eynsham Challenge

A win for WRR – well done to all the runners.

Many thanks to Graham Ferris for organising and to all the helpers and supporters.

Sunday 24th July

Monmouth Challenge Aquathon 2km swim, 12km run)

Fraser Howard               1:36:34             (37:09, 57:57)


Monmouth Challenge Run (12km)

Sally Howard                 56:28                2nd Lady

Boys Beating Cancer 5k today at the Newbury Showground
Very well organised event, very hot. Morgan (The Short one) started at the front and set off like a bolt of lighting leading both the 5k and 10k adult runners. This lasted roughly 0.2km at which point he was burnt out and exhausted.What endured next was me dragging round a tired, grumpy exhausted child for 4.98km whilst his brother happily plodded in front of him and winding him up. None the less we all finished together and earnt our medals and post race McDonald’s. In total the boys raised  £135 The is still time to sponsor us if anyone wants too.


Saturday 23rd July


Oxford Parkrun 5km


Bertie Field                    20:13
Will Downey                  20:19                Plus 5 mi warm up & down
Graham Le Good            20:54
Mark Sheehan                21:23
Toby Clarke                   23:13                Plus 5 mi warm up & down
Hannah West                 31:25                Plus 10mi cycle warm up!


Banbury Parkrun 5km

Trevor Jennings             25:53                PB        2nd VM65


Fulham Palace Parkrun 5km

Dan Wymer                   21:37


Wimbledon Common Parkrun 5km

Simon Le Good              19:49

Ocean Lava Wales Triathlon (1.2mi swim, 56mi bike, 13.1mi run)

Gareth Petts                  4:53:56             (34:00, 2:40. 1:35)        9th Overall

Wednesday 20th July


Soar Mile, Battersea Track (1 mile)

Dan Wymer                   5:54:34             PB

Sunday 17th July

Cotswold 226 Ironman Triathlon       (2.4mi swim, 112mi bike, 26.2mi run)

Simon Covell                  10hr 45m 01s    (1:04:27, 6:11:51, 3:23:32)

Buckingham Triathlon            (400m, 20km, 5km)

Richard Redford             1:09:51             (11:09, 34:29, 21:59)

Great Newham 10km

Ian Fowler                     64:03

Saturday 16th July


Oxford Parkrun 5km

Fraser Howard               19:40
Graham Le Good            21:43
Sally Howard                 22:05


Banbury Parkrun 5km

Trevor Jennings             26:12


Fulham Palace Parkrun 5km

Sarah Green                  21:10


Hornton 6 mile

Tony Lock                     38:31                1st MV50
Matthew Lock                41:21
Will Downey                  41:48
Robert Green                44:09
Andy Church                 44:40
Paul Ainslie                   45:12
Jamie Jones                 48:40
Jade Hewlett                 49:26
Laura Jones                  50:27
Heather Smith               51:23
Sharon Christie              56:34

Race to the Stones 100km Ultramarathon along the Ridgeway

Grant Hunter                 14hr 2 min

Sunday 10th July

High Wycombe 10km

Rachel Stanley-Evans     48:38                3rd Lady
Will Downey                     48:38

High Wycombe Half Marathon

Laura Davies                 1:52:23

Adderbury 10km

Josh Rhodes
John McCormac
Lucy Garrod                  2nd Lady


Adderbury Half Marathon

Andy Church                  1:52:00
Lisa Holland
Jamie Jones                   1:59:00
Heather Smith              2:08:00
Laura Jones                   2:08:00


New Forest 10mile

Paul Rushby                   1:32:02


Evesham Vale 10km

Chris Colbeck                 40:33
Sally Howard                 45:20


Saturday 9th July


Oxford Parkrun 5km

Graham Le Good            20:50
Simon Rhodes                25:12


Banbury Parkrun 5km

Trevor Jennings             26:44


Swindon Parkrun 5km

Fraser Howard               19:21
Sally Howard                 21:56


Kingston Parkrun 5km

Simon Le Good              19:25                3rd
Thursday 7th July


Motavation, Race 3 – Combe 1


Time    Name                           Age Cat

22.59    Tony     Lock                   VM50
23.33    Fraser   Howard            VM40
23.55    Chris     Colbeck            VM40
24.15    Matthew Lock               U19M
25.03    Joshua  Rhodes            U19M
25.25    Nick      Dalton               VM40
25.27    Adam    Leary                SM
25.29    James   Field                 VM40
25.42    Nick      Moglia                VM50
26.33    Laura    Davies                   VM40
26.35    Graham Le Good               VM60
26.45    Rachel   Stanley-Evans    VL35
27.00    Dan      Wymer              SM
27.13    Paul      Ainslie               VM50
27.48    Richard Walker              VM40
28.15    Tony     Burkett              VM40
29.18    Jade      Hewlett             SL
29.21    Richard Redford             VM40
29.25    Colin     Morris               VM50
29.26    Jamie    Jones                VM40
29.28    Lisa      Holland             VL45
29.28    Andy     Church              VM50
29.46    Laura    Jones                VL35
30.10    Jessica  Wright               VL35                 PB by more than 2½ mins
30.52    Ieva      Smith                VL35
31.41    Ohema  Powell               SL
31.48    Gloria    Rayner              VL45
32.10    Harriet  Noons               SL
32.17    Trevor   Jennings            VM60
32.40    John      McCormac         VM60
32.58    Paul      Rushby              VM50
33.28    Jaqui     Gamage            VL45
34.11    Regina  Lally                 VL35
34.12    Sharon  Christie             VL45
34.42    Paul      Bowden             VM50
35.45    Becky   Mould                SL
36.32    Hannah West                 VL55
37.35    Anne     Rouget              VL45



Monday 4th July

Frampton On Severn 10km

Tom Garrod                   38:09


Sunday 3rd July

Buscot 10km

Will Downey                 42:00
Lucy Harris                   47:19    3rd Lady
Jessica Wright              50:02


Bristol Race For Life 10km

Regina Lally                   57:59    SB


Roadford Lake Half Ironman Triathlon

Simon Le Good              6:12:40


Peak District Sprint Triathlon

Graham Le Good            1:27:30


Saturday 2nd July

Aylesbury Parkrun 5km

Sarah Green                  21:15


Big Cotswold Swim – 2 miles

Rachel Stanley-Evans     1:07:00


Thames Path Night Time Half Marathon, Reading :

Mr Ferris Wins Race, Setting New Course Record

Saturday 2nd July saw a group of us (Graham F, John, Lisa, Jamie, Laura, Paul and Ieva) take on the Thames Path Night Time half. A small, low key event in its second year, this being the third time its run (they do it all again exactly the same in early September to). We were participating in the half which set off at 8pm but there is also a full marathon starting at 5 pm.  Race HQ is Wokingham Waterside Centre situated right on the river and the start/finish line is directly in front of the building where there is also a very well stocked water station offering a variety of drinks and sweets/crisps/biscuits. Both races are run within a 6 mile radius with you passing this station several times so there is no need for any additional water stations. After a small initial one mile loop, the  half sees you set off East along the river bank for about a mile and a half at which point you are turned around by Marshalls, you go back past the starting point and head West for a further mile and a half and again get turned back and head back to the start point and then you repeat the two loops again. (Double this if you are doing the marathon). The nice thing about this was we were able to see Graham coming the other way several times and cheer him on as he was running hard to hold on to his lead and he got to see us slackers chatting and laughing and plodding along. Once we knew Witney had it in the bag we were like nah, Gs got this….might as well enjoy the scenery (Sorry Graham). The course was pretty and scenic along the riverbank especially as after a fortnight of rain we had the bonus of glorious sunshine until it started to get dark (head torches were a requirement of the race but I don’t think any of us had to use them). There was a lot of encouragement along the way mainly from many fishermen and a group of very friendly reading river dwellers who had made a fire outside their very dodgy canal boat who were  all cheering,  and holding their special brew cans up to us as we passed. The Marshalls and race organisers were very friendly and it was incredibly well organised. The HQ offered showers and changing facilities and as much free tea, coffee, squash and biscuits both before and after the race as you wanted. Although there were no trophies or prizes (poor Mr F…) it has to be one of the biggest best medals I have had from a race. So…with his first win and a course record under his belt we left at 10.30pm to return home taking in a rather spectacular firework display on the journey. “Is that for me ? ” said Mr Ferris….who were we to tell him it was the finale of Henley Royal Regatta….. “Let him have his victory” said our chairman…. “Today an ostrich Graham”,he said……”tomorrow you’re just another feather duster”.  Such profound words from our chairman (classic McCormac !!!)



Sunday 26th June

Inkpen Gibbety Challenge, 10km hilly, scenic, multi terrain

Tom Garrod                   45:19
Lucy Garrod                  54:28

Sherbourne 10km

Thame 10km

Tony Lock                   37:50    1st M50
Chris Colbeck             38:19
Matthew Lock            39:45    2nd U19              PB Well done for your first sub 40m
Will Downey               40:17
Toby Clarke                 41:55
Mark Sheehan            42:37
Lucy Harris                 44:49

Saturday 25th June

Tooting Common Parkrun 5km

Simon Le Good              19:13

Sunday 22nd May

Cheltenham Challenge Ultra – 39.3 miles Offorad

Well done to Andy on his first ultra marathon. Very scenic, hilly and muddy.

Andy Church                  7hr 42min

Wales Trail Half Marathon

Tom Garrod                   1:45:02
Lucy Garrod                  2:11:37

City of London Mile

A great day, with wave after wave of runners if all abilities including family waves and elites.
All free of charge too!

Dan Wymer                   5min 55.85s                   PB by 4s

Jericho 10km

Ian Fowler                     63:51

Ridgeway Relays        86.5 miles along the Ridgeway

The results are not yet available.

Saturday 18th June

Abingdon Parkrun 5km

Will Downey                  20:00

Steeple Barton Chase 10km Offroad

This was a muddy off road 10k through the grounds of Barton Abbey
The race itself ended up being 10.6k. It was well sign posted throughout with cheeky up hill to finish.

Kevin Hennessy             42:49                2nd

Cumnor 5km

A great local 5k race had 8 WWR attend on a Saturday evening, a definite race to be doing next year and supporting a local cause.

Will Downey                  19.41
Rachel Stanley-Evans     20.33                PB
Andy Church                  21.10                PB
Lucy Harris                  21.43
Heather Smith                24.33
Sharon Christie              26.04                PB
Paul Ainslie                 26.05
Regina Lally                 26.22

Sunday 12th June

Windsor Olympic Distant Triathlon

Rachel Stanley-Evans 2.46.42 4th Vet 40 Lady
(Swim 1.5k 29.21, bike 40k 1:22.58, run 10k 44.51)

Saturday 11th June

Bourton Hilly Half

Chris Colbeck 1:30:29
Graham Ferris 1:30:43
Will Downey 1:35:51

Tuesday 5th June

Banbury 5

Tony Lock 31.24
Matthew Lock 34.03
Rachel Stanley-Evans 35.03
Lucy Harris 36.52
Jim Whelan 39.59
Sarah Morley 45.36
Cath Morley 45.36

Sunday 5th June

Chippenham 5

Matthew Lock                   32.01
Rachel Stanley-Evans     33.07
Brian Moore                       33.44
Jim Whelan                         36.45
Lisa Holland                        38.20
Chiltern Chase 15K

Robert Green                    1.08.10
Adam Leary                      1.09.31
Laura Davis                     1.14,40
Lucy Harris                     1.16.09
Jade Hewlett                    1.18.32
Anne Rouget                     1.35.27

Chiltern Chase 10K

Joshua Rhodes                  42.31
Nick Morley                        48.48
Bridgid Briens                    53:22
Cath Morley                       55.50
Hollie Cornes                     56.24
Saturday 4th June

Otmoor Challenge

Tony Lock 1.26.10
Graham Ferris 1.29.57
Chris Colbeck 1.30.27
Cath Morley 1.52.28
Nick Morley 1.53.27
Jamie Jones 1.55.18
Iva Smith 1.55.40
Bridgid Briens 1.56.26
Heather Smith 1.59.21
Tracey Moss 2.02.25
Andy Church 2.06.42
Laura Jones 2.06.43
Paul Rushby 2.08.09
Nigel Moss 2.12.51
Kim Holtom 2.17.17


Thursday 2nd June

Bletchingdon Mota-vation

Tony Lock 25.11 1st vet 50
Chris Colbeck 25.38
Fraser Howard 26.02
Matthew Lock 27.33
Toby Clark 27.55
Robert Green 27.57
Nick Moglia 28.01
Joshua Rhodes 29.02
James Field 29.04
Nick Morley 30.12
Tony Burkett 30.21
Richard Walker 31.28
Richard Redford 31.34
Jade Hewlett 31:38
Jessica Wright 31:53
Lisa Holland 32:47
Jamie Jones 33:03
Nigel Moss 33:43
Paul Rushby 35.18
Andy Church 35.19
Laura Jones 35.31
Tracey Moss 35.42
Jaqui Gamage 36.08
Sharon Christie 36.53
John McCormac 37.25
Regina Lally 39.05


Sunday 29th May

Edinburgh Half Marathon

Sharon Christie                 2:02:32

Saturday 28th May

Liverpool Rock ‘N’ Roll Half Marathon

Regina Lally                         2:09:22

Kent Marathon

Will Downey                       3:14:22
Aukje Raats                        3:51:05

Tuesday 24th May


First Name Surname Apr-16 May-16
Matthew Lock 5.25 4.59
Josh Rhodes 5.28 5.01
Chris Ellis 5.29
Sam Upton 5.41
Chris Colbeck 5.56 5.14
Tony Lock 5.57
Graham Ferris 6.10 5.21
Nick Dalton 6.24
Ian Kent 6.25
Tony Burkett 6.28 6.09
Graham LeGood 6.30
Lucy Harris 6.41 6.18
Jade Hewlett 6.43 6.20
Richard Redford 6.45
Dave Brackston 6.50
Laura Davies 7.07 6.33
Asif Amin 7.08
Lisa Holland 7.24 6.45
Bev Anderson 7.52 7.19
Steve Wood 7.54
Keith Morgan 8.05 7.19
Kim Holtom 8.07 7.39
Hannah West 8.42 7.54
Ann Rouget 8.55 8.18
Ian Fowler 9.02 8.01
Toby Clarke 5.16
Laura Robinson 9.13
Trevor Jennings 7.37
Adam Leary 5.40
Laurent Letexier 6.44
Rachel Morcombe 7.04
Lisa Butler 6.19
Mark Garrett 6.00
Fraser Howard 5.14
Mark Sheehan 5.52
Mike Lelliott 6.04
Carl James 6.00
Simon Rhodes 6.46
Bob Green 5.34
Nick Morley 6.11
Sharon Christie 7.36

Sunday 22nd May

Thames Run 10K

Josh Rhodes                   43.10

Saturday 21stth May

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Josh Rhodes                  18.42 pb
Richard Redford           22:45
Lucy Garrod                  23:00

Sunday 15th May

Hook 10 mile

Will Downey                  1:08:50

Banbury Sprint Triathlon        (400m/20k/5k)

Richard Redford             1:17:00        (11:31/39:42/22:13)

Big Cow Sprint Triathlon        (750m/20k/5k)

Graham Le Good              1:18:50 (14:36/37:40/22:29)
Sarah Green                       1:20:44 (15:14/41:28/21:38)

Oxford Town & Gown 10km

Bertie Field                        42:30
Sally Howard                     42:51
Jacqui Gamage                  57:24
Ian Fowler                          58:44
Regina Lally                       58:57
Hannah West                     59:39
Dan Wymer                        70:46 Pacer for Mrs W !

Saturday 14th May

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Will Downey                         19:50
Robert Green                       20:12
Chris Ellis & Junior            28:53

Harcourt Hill Parkrun 5km

Regina Lally                         37:34

Tooting Common Parkrun 5km

Simon Le Good                      19:06

Wednesday 11th May

 Cottisford 5km

Matthew Lock                     18:22
Tony Lock                            18:29                     1st V50 
Robert Green                      20:08
Brian Moore                       21:11
Rachel Stanley-Evans      21:46
Lisa Holland                      23:29
Jim Whelan                       23:30
Ian Fowler                         29:06

Monday 9th May

Berkeley 10k

Nick Moglia                    41:34                3rd V50

Sunday 8th May

Blenheim 4 mile Buggy race

Kathryn Hamilton           4:00                  2nd Overall

Marlow 5 mile

Robert Green 34:02
Chris Miles 34:26
Lucy Harris 36:54 3rd VL40
Jade Hewlett 37:53
Lisa Holland 38:24
Jim Whelan 39:16
John McCormac 41:35
Paul Rushby 43:58

Cotswold Super Sprint Triathlon (400m, 20km, 5km)

Graham Le Good 1:02:00 (08:09, 32:57, 19:04) 1st V60

Portman Triathlon, Murcia Spain (1000m, 30km, 6km)

Simon Covell 1:55:51 (16:21, 1:10:00, 22:38)

Saturday 7th May

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Grant Hunter 19:09
Will Downey 19:46

Harcourt Hill Parkrun 5km

Angus Fraser 23:45

Wednesday 4th May

Silverstone 10km

Toby Clarke 41:52
Bertie Field 42:09 PB
Brian Moore 43:40
Tony Burkett 44:34 1st race for WRR
Lucy Harris 45:48

Monday 2nd May

Charlgrove 10km

Tony Lock                   39:52
Matthew Lock                42:01
Joshua Rhodes               42:39
Chris Miles                 43:37
Sarah Kerswell              44:35                1st VL45
Rachel Stanley-Evans      45:29
Lucy Harris                 45:49
Jessica Wright              47:49
Jade Hewlett                48:10
Lisa Holland                49:17
Jim Whelan                  51:07
John McCormac               51:53

Milton Keynes Half Marathon

Tom Garrod                   1:23:09             9th overall

Sunday 1st May

Richmond Half Marathon

Simon Le Good              1:25:42

Milton Keynes Rocket 5km Great course and really well organised.

Fraser Howard               17:56


Oxford Parkrun 5km

Josh Rhodes               19:45                1st timer
Toby Clark                  20:07
James Field                20:34
Graham Le Good       20:49

Harcourt Hill Parkrun 5km

Kevin Hennessy             19:29

Swindon Parkrun 5km

Becky Mould                 25:45

Thursday 28th April

Charlton on Otmoor Motavation


20 28.11 Sarah Kerswell VL45
24 28.56 Rachel Stanley-Evans VL35
36 30.08 Jade Hewlett SL
37 30.17 Jessica Wright VL35
46 31.04 Lisa Holland VL45
60 32.12 Laura Jones VL35
61 32.13 Heather Smith VL45
64 32.25 Harriet Noons SL
89 34.56 Becky Mould SL
95 35.17 Jaqui Gamage VL45
108 36.19 Regina Lally VL35
120 37.09 Anne Rouget VL45
123 37.54 Hannah West VL55

42 24.44 Tony Lock VM50
50 24.58 Matthew Lock U19M
51 24.59 Chris Colbeck VM40
59 25.17 Joshua Rhodes U19M
62 25.32 Graham Ferris VM40
87 26.41 Toby Clarke VM40
89 26.51 Joel Floyd SM
92 26.57 Adam Leary SM
93 27 Robert Green VM50
97 27.13 Nick Dalton VM40
98 27.15 James Field VM40
109 27.42 Mark Sheehan SM
114 27.48 Graham Le Good VM60
122 28.18 Nick Morley VM40
125 28.27 Dan Wymer SM
137 28.51 Tony Burkett VM40
143 29.23 Andy Church VM50
149 30.07 Richard Redford VM40
153 30.14 Nigel Moss VM40
161 30.42 Richard Walker VM40
170 31.17 Jamie Jones VM40
193 34.05 M Asif Amin SM


Tuesday 26th May

One Mile Challenge

Matthew Lock              5.25
Josh Rhodes                 5.28
Chris Ellis                      5.29
Chris Colbeck                5.56
Tony Lock                     5.57
Graham Ferris             6.10
Nick Dalton                  6.24
Tony Burkett                6.28
Graham Le Good         6.30
Lucy Harris                  6.41
Jade Hewlett                6.43
Richard Redford         6.45
Laura Davies                7.07
Asif Amin                      7.08
Lisa Holland                7.24
Bev Anderson              7.52
Keith Morgan              8.05
Kim Holtom                8.07
Hannah West              8.42
Ann Rouget                 8.55
Ian Fowler                   9.02

Sunday 24th April

London Marathon

Frankie Snare           2:59:30
Ed Kay                       3:04:38
Will Downey             3:13:25
Claire Litton              3:17:27
Paul Clack                  3:18:28
Mark Sheehan            3:31:16
Bob Green                   3:31:25
Nick Morley                3:48:06 pb
Heather Smith             3:51:44 pb
Jamie Jones                  3:56:20 pb
Hollie Cornes                4:11:22
Nigel Moss                     4:19:48 pb
Nicola Henman              4:21:35
Sharon Christie              4:25:59 pb
Paul Rushby                    4:36:20
Tabitha Durkin               4:40:51

Saturday 23rd April

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Graham Le Good       21:38
Lucy Garrod               23:48

Fulham Palace Parkrun 5km

Simon Le Good              19:01

Harcourt Hill Parkrun 5km

Lyn Hopkins                 28:03
Regina Lally                  28:12

Sunday 17th April

Oxfordshire County Road Relays – 5km per leg


Lucy Harris                    22:37                2nd County Vet team
Rachel Stanley-Evans  23:12                2nd County Vet team
Jade Hewlett                  23:26
Lisa Holland                   23:57                2nd County Vet team
Sharon Christie              26:37


Gareth Petts                  18:09
Joshua Rhodes                19:27
Tony Lock                     19:44
Graham Ferris                20:21
Nick Moglia                   20:23
Joel Floyd                    20:43
Matthew Lock                21:11
Graham Le Good             21:33
Brian Moore                   22:11
Jim Whelan                    23:01
John McCormac              25:24

Kymin Dash 7 mile multiterrain

Fraser Howard               47:16
Sally Howard                54:06


Brighton Marathon

Robert Green               3:25:52


Highworth 5 mile

Will Downey                  32:24

 Saturday 16th April

Oxford Parkrun 5km

Graham Le Good            22:15
Judith Le Good            29:22


Wimbledon Common Parkrun 5km

Simon Le Good              19:53
Sarah Green                23:01


Aberystwyth Parkrun 5km

Tom Garrod                   18:36


Bicester Parkrun 5km

Kevin Hennessey           20:11


Monster Race – Cornbury Park 6.5km ish! + obstacles

Jessica Wright                59:00    3rd Lady overall 1st age category


Saturday 9th April

Compton 20 mile

Will Downey  2:54:53
Andy Church  3:06:54  PB by 11 min

Compton 20 (Saturday 9th April) race Report – Mr Andy Church

So arrived at Compton to blue skies although a tad chilly, the HQ is a lovely little village school, where free tea, coffee and biscuits met you upon arrival…………….

Will then appeared and looked in serious race mode, I did my best to unease him saying the course was tough……….but he was unfazed, trail shoes were the order of the day, as heavy overnight rain had dumped out that way…

I offered Will a piece of granola before the start, told him it was good energy for the run……………..little did I know my plan backfired on me……….i thought I gave Will the ‘go slow’ granola but gave him the ‘Maria Sharapova ‘ one………..ha ha

So first time this year racing in just a WRR vest….well shorts, socks etc as well, as the gun went off I managed to be in front of Will for 5 metres, as we raced a lap of the school field then exited through a this time I was knackered already………

Come mile 5 I was going backwards on the hills, the mix up with the granola paying its price….. and totally running on gas from mile 14, but a wonderful course…………….

The course is a fantastic mix of trail, woods, open ploughed fields giving stunning views across the countryside, very well marshalled and plenty of snaks at the checkpoints…….oh and lots of hills………………………and more hills

The finish brought relief and a long sleeved top and a scolding shower…………….

Very funny was Will trying to get the long sleeve top at the end, the portly child, son of the race director insisted on trying to give Will a medium size, saying Will was not a small……. where Will on several times asked for a small………………….this exchange went on a few times until Will got his small, then had to use it after the shower as he had forgot his towel…….i on the other hand asked for a ‘fatboy’ Large and he handed it over straight away….

Every runner is then given a massive breakfast/ lunch of jacket potato, sausage, beans, quiche followed by rice pudding or fruit salad and any amount of tea and coffee………….

A fantastic run and hospitality from the race organisers


Oxford Parkrun 5km

Sally Howard  21:23
Harriet Howard  23:58
Fraser Howard  24:00
Emily Howard  28:57

Tooting Common Parkrun 5km

Simon Le Good  18:48
Sarah Green  21:43

Sunday 10th April

Chedworth Roman Trail 10 miles

Chris Colbeck  1:12:11  1st VM45
Kevin Hennessy  1:12:34
Robert Green  1:14:51
Graham Le Good  1:16:40  2nd VM60
Brian Moore  1:20:21
Suzanne Reeve  1:39:16
Trudie Ratcliffe 1:43:08
Anne Rouget  1:51:15

Devizes Half Marathon

Richard Walker  1:42:00

Manchester Marathon

Paul Ainslie        3hrs 19mins 53secs

The positives about this race are that it is a flat and fast course with PB potential and lots of support around most of the course but that was far outweighed by the chaos at the race village. The race village was situated at Old Trafford cricket ground, which Sharon and myself travelled to via the tram system (no problem there). The weather forecast was good with a temperature of 5˚ at the start (bit cool) and top temp of 11˚. But when we arrived some of the toilets were locked, this led to big queues. Runners arriving by car who had pre payed £10 to park at the venue were sent on a detour and some never found the car park and had to abandon their cars. But by far the worst problem was the baggage area with only 2 places to drop bags off for an expected 15000 runners a big queue soon formed. With the problems dropping off kit and parking cars there were a number of runners who started the race over 30 mins late. During the race the mile markers were not always easy to see and at mile 22 we had 2 x 22mile markers about half a mile apart. Not sure of overall distance, as I measured the course as 26.52 on my Garmin. At the finish there were massive queues at the baggage collection, with some runners having to wait 3 hours to get their bags back, luckily the sun was out, but not what you want at the end of a marathon.

Well done Paul, that’s a London 2017 qualifying time by 7 secs!!!



Carterton 5km

Madie Paterson   34:41

Carterton 10km

Fraser Howard  37:57
Chris Ellis  38:50
Tony Lock  39:27
Joshua Rhodes  39:44
Matthew Lock  40:52
Nick Moglia  40:57
Chris Miles  41:26
Adam Leary  41:37  PB by 1 min
Toby Clarke  42:03
James Field  42:34
Nick Dalton  43:29
Lucy Harris  45:55
Sarah Morley  46:07  PB
Jessica Wright  47:42  PB
Harriet-Rose Noons 51:59

South Downs Way – 50 miles

Ben Lonsdale  10 hr 23 min

I had another crack at the South Downs Way 50 mile (50 miles, 5700 ft elevation) yesterday – after a 6-month all expenses paid trip to sandier climes, training has been inconsistent to say the least and I wasn’t mega confident of a strong finish. Unlike previous years though, I managed to stay at a sensible pace from the start – sticking to a minute a mile slower for the first 5 miles, particularly on the downhills made a world of difference later on. I came through the aid station at 27 miles having set a marathon-distance PB (4:51.54) and was still feeling good (and still running instead of power hiking) at mile 33. Some interesting pain around my patella on the later descents slowed me down, and I got through a whole tub of vaseline trying to avoid any longterm damage to a few sensitive areas but racing sensibly instead of going out hard and holding on definitely paid off, and I was still pretty cheerful crossing the line in Eastbourne.

The first male came in in 6h35 (at an average pace faster than I can run 10k on the flat), and the first lady in 7h40 – I was 192nd of 377 starters, finishing in 10h23 (a PB by about 42 minutes for the distance so quietly pleased). If anyone fancies a go next year, details are here:








Sunday 28th

Bourton on the Water 10km
Matthew Lock     40:01     2nd Junior Man PB
Nick Moglia     40:28     2nd VM55
Rachel Stanley Evans     41:58     2nd VW40 PB
James Field     42:58     PB
Sally Howard     42:59
Brian Moore     43:58
Nick Morley     44:06
Lucy Harris     44:36     PB
Nigel Moss     46:37
Lisa Holland     48:08     PB
Kirsty Davies     48:44
Tracey Moss     49:26
Gail Bell     51:25 3rd     VW55
John McCormac     52:03

The Terminator
Will Downey     1:39:27
Robert Green     1:40:34
Andy Church     1:47:48
Laura Davies     2:00:45
Heather Smith     2:05:52
Laura Jones     2:05:53
Ieva Smith     2:11:07
Paul Rushby     2:13:56

Saturday 27th

Oxford Parkrun 5km
Toby Clarke 20:50

Cannon Hill Parkrun 5km
Ohemaa Powell 22:23

Aberystwyth Parkrun 5km
Tom Garrod 18:34

Tooting Common Parkrun 5km
Simon Le Good 19:18

Sunday 21st

Hampton Court Half Marathon
Simon Le Good 1:29:26
Andy Church 1:58:37 Official Xemro 2:00:00 race pacer

Wokingham Half Marathon
Claire Litton 1:29:47 PB
Grant Hunter 1:31:49
Paul Ainslie 1:34:51
Paul Rushby 1:58:18
Sharon Christie 2:01:48
Kim Holtom 2:11:48

Saturday 20th

Oxford Parkrun 5km
Will Downey 20:38

Wimbledon Common Parkrun 5km

Simon Le Good 20:31
Graham Le Good 22:44
Sarah Green 22:59

Swindon Parkrun 5km
Robert Green 20:53

Sunday 14th February

Bramley 10 mile
Tony Lock
Adam Leary 69:48
Toby Clarke
Lisa Holland

Bramley 20 mile
Will Downey 2:19:55
Claire Litton 2:29:54
Rob Green
Mark Sheehan 2:33:58

Dursley Dozen
Graham Ferris 1:41:38
Tom Garrod 1:42:52
Kevin Hennessey 1:44:56
Sally Howard 1:53:18
Andy Church 1:56:45
Lucy Garrod 2:07:03
Jamie Jones 2:12:28
Laura Jones 2:12:29
Nigel Moss 2:13:57
Heather Smith 2:16:07
Leva Smith 2:24:09
Tracey Moss 2:24:11
Paul Rushby 2:24:09

Saturday 13th 

Oxford Parkrun 5km
Graham Le Good 22:18

Cannon Hill, Birmingham Parkrun 5km
Ohemaa Powell 22:13

Tooting Common Parkrun 5km
Simon Le Good 19:26
Sarah Green 22:08

Fulham Palace Parkrun 5km
Lucy Harris 21:45 SB

Sunday 7th

Oxford Mail XC – Round 4 – Cirencester Park
8        Frankie Snare     27:43
33     Sally Howard     31:31
53     Jade Hewlett     33:53
81     Jessica Wright     36:34
89     Lisa Holland     37:46
97     Jeanette Ashton     39:06
113    Cathy Morley     43:16
121    Anne Rouget     45:43
127    Hannah West     54:40
128    Fiona Tate     54:40

9        Dan Blake     36:06
28     Gareth Petts     38:59
43      Fraser Howard     40:14
96      Joel Floyd     44:04
114     Chris Miles     46:03
146     Bob Green     47:42
154     Adam Leary     48:12
162     Graham Le Good     49:01
165     Brian Moore     49:16
183     Dan Wymer     51:29
187     Paul Ainslie     52:06
201     Jim Whelan     55:01
213     Keith Morgan     57:0
220     Graham Walker     60:15

Saturday 16th

Fulham Palace Parkrun 5km
Simon Le Good 18:30

Swindon Parkrun 5km
Rachel Stanley-Evans 21:26 PB

Singapore East Coast Parkrun 5km

Sarah Green 22:44

Sunday 17th

Not The Roman IX
Chris Colbeck 46:32
Will Downey 48:54
Adam Leary 51:47
Graham Le Good 53:33
Nick Morley 56:56
Lisa Holland 59:54
John McCormack 64:07
Judith Le Good 65:21

Sunday 10th

Oxford Mail Cross Country – Race 3 Horspath
9        Frankie Snare
29       Claire Litton
76       Jade Hewlett
85       Laura Davies
94       Oheema Powell
98       Jessica Wright
105       Lisa Holland
128       Judith LeGood
144       Cathy Morley
145       Regina Lally
150       Trudie Ratcliff
157      Anne Rouget
159       Hannah West
167       Madie Paterson
168       Fiona Tate
173      Hannah Makins


15 Dan Blake  
60 Fraser Howard  
67 Gareth Petts  
112 Joel Floyd  
130 Grant Hunter  
132 Joel Godwood  
133 Chris Miles  
136 Paul Ainslie  
166 Tony Lock  
168 Bob Green  
197 James Bentall  
204 Adam Leary  
216 Graham Le Good  
227 Mark Sheehan  
236 Dan Wymer  
248 Brian Moore  
255 Jim Whelan  
274 Keith Morgan  
282 Graham Walker