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Anything swimming related.

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  1. Weather permitting, Graham, Judith, Hannah and Brigid will be cycling to Park run this Saturday.

  2. Friday night at Carterton pool 7:30pm informal swim session, hopefully only 2 or 3 per lane and mainly WRR!

  3. Woodstock outdoor pool now open. Went Friday 6:30 – 7:30, lovely in the pool, bloody cold getting in and out.

  4. Yes it was great and a WRR monoply of the pool!

    Not sure about next Friday, I might go to the OxfordTri meeting to see about open water swimming options.

    Generally several WRR members go to Carterton on a Friday at 7:30pm but if the sun shines Woodstock is a vast improvement (in the pool).

  5. Ooh if anyone’s going to Woodstock this Friday can they let me know please?

    • Yes will do. Might go to the Oxford Tri meeting.
      Maybe Woodstock ought to be default in the summer and Carterton in the winter.

  6. Woodstock is a much better time I think – Carterton is just that little bit too late ie. there’s time to sit on the sofa and talk myself out of going anywhere!!

  7. I’ll be up for this – although I can’t do this friday, but do let me know about future sessions please

    I’ll assume the week after next we’re at Woodstock!

  8. Weather permitting!
    Nick Dalton will come up with the Ducklington Lake suggestion soon! Last year it was Wednesday 6:15pm

  9. Friday 3rd May, Woodstock open air pool 6:30 to 7:30 pm

  10. How about trying Chipping Norton Lido next Friday 10th May?

  11. What time were you thinking of going to chippy lido friday?

  12. It’s that time….Ducklington Lake, Wednesday 29th May at 6:15pm.
    A few have expressed “interest”!

    • Wednesday 5th June 6:15pm Ducklington Lake whatever the weather!
      Please reply here if you will be there.

      Hopefuls are
      Graham LG, Tobi, Nic

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