Thursday Sessions

Short Med Long X Long
  3.2 Miles 5.3 Miles 7 Miles 8.9 Miles
Cogges Loop Church Lane Cogges Farm Station Lane
Jubilee Way Newlands Manor Road Ducklington Lane
Harvest Way Bridge Street Cogges Hill Road Tower Hill
Woodstock Rd High Street Jubilee Way Burford Rd
Bridge St Welch Way Woodstock Road Deer Park Road
Witan Way Tower Hill Early Road Curbridge Road
  Burford Road Vanner Road Tower Hill
  Deer Park Road Farmers Close Burford Road
  Thorney Leys West End Moor Avenue
  Station Lane High Street Welch Way
    Welch Way High Street
    Ducklington Lane Bridge Street
    Station Lane West End
    The Leys Hailey Road
    Church Green Farmers Close
      New Yatt Road
      Early Road
      Woodstock Rd
      Cogges Loop
Short Med Long X Long
3.0 Miles 4.8 Miles 6.5 Miles 8.1 Miles
Corn Street Church Green Cogges Loop Church Lane
Welch Way The Leys Newlands Newlands
Moor Avenue Station Lane Woodstock Rd Bridge Street
Burford Road Ducklington Lane Early Road Burford Road
Bridge Street South lawn New Yatt Road Service Road Loop
Woodstock Rd Church View Road Farmers Close Tower Hill
Woodlands Rd Curbridge Road Hailey Road Curbridge Road
Pens Close Tower Hill Bridge Street Thorney Leys
Newlands Burford Road High Street Ducklington Lane
Church Lane Bridge Street Welch Way Burwell Drive
  Newlands Moor Avenue Curbridge Road
  Cogges Loop Burford Road Welch Way
    Tower Hill Bridge Street
    Ducklington Lane Newlands
    Station Lane Cogges Loop
Short Med Long X Long
3.3 Miles 4.9 Miles 7.1 Miles 8.3 Miles
Church Lane Cogges Loop Cogges Loop Church Green
Newlands Newlands Newlands The Leys
Woodstock Road Bridge Street High Street Station Lane
New Yatt Road Burford Road Welch Way Ducklington Lane
Farmers Close Windrush Valley Rd Moor Avenue Tower Hill
Hailey Road Apley Way Burford Road Burford Road
West End Church View Road Tower Hill Bridge Street
Bridge Street South Lawns Curbridge Road West End
Mill Street Ducklington Lane Deer park Road Crawley Road
Woodford Way Station Lane Burford Road Quarry Road
Welch Way   Tower Hill Schofield Avenue
Witan Way   Ducklington Lane Eastfield Road
    Station Lane Farmers Close
      Vanner Road
      Early Road
      Woodstock Rd
      Jubilee Way
      Cogges Hill Road
      Manor Road
Out 23 mins & Back 22 mins
Station Lane      
Ducklington Lane      
Tower Hill      
Burford Road      
Deer park Road      
Curbridge Road      
Welch Way